Services for Youth


Career practitioners within the career centers help young people to get to know and explore themselves, to be informed and to gain confidence in making career decisions and choices that are related to individual wishes and the needs of the labor market.

The task of E2E career practitioners is to devise the best combination of developed career guidance and counselling tools and instruments according to the needs of the young person. In accordance with the defined needs of the young person and the defined goals of work, they combine tools, techniques, and models of work, such as work in a career center or in school, online or directly.

Through group and individual sessions, young people are informed and directed in the direction that first corresponds to their abilities and affinities, the necessary tests of knowledge and skills are done, information is provided about the available opportunities for personal and career development.

Individual career guidance and counselling

In individual sessions lasting from 30 minutes to an hour, the career practitioner defines the common goals of the work in a direct conversation with the young person. Through individual sessions, career practitioner and young person work on understanding personal values, characteristics and interests, informing about opportunities for further education, employment or further training opportunities and creating a plan, i.e. jointly defining the steps necessary to reach the defined goals. Individual work is most often performed in the career center, and sometimes in accordance with the previous agreement in the school / faculty premises. Individual career guidance can also be organized online.

Group career guidance and counselling

In group sessions lasting from 30 minutes to an hour, the career practitioner(s) works with a group of young people on career information - sharing important information about further education and / or employment opportunities, approaching previously defined topics of importance to the group, conducting real meetings with employers and representatives of certain occupations in order to get acquainted with certain professions… Group career workshops are organized on the topic: Writing a working resume; Interview with the employer; What is a career and steps in career planning… Group work is carried out in the school / faculty on the basis of prior agreement with the representatives of the school, and within the career centers. Group workshops are also organized online.


As a result of the cooperation between the project ”Education to Employment” and Gateway Solutions AG from Switzerland, various tools were developed that represent significant support for young people in career planning and career decision-making. Through this collaboration, innovative and digitized assessment instruments have been made available to our career counsellors.

The short career quiz - WayFi and aptitude and ability test - Basic Check started with implementation in 2020 and are free for all young people. In order to have comprehensive competence assessment, the Basic Check test has been upgraded with a practical part that contains six more areas of tasks in order to check practical knowledge. Also, in order to provide additional career information and facilitate the process of matching with the requirements of certain jobs, the Matching tool was developed. This tool compares the achieved test results with the requirements of certain jobs. You can find more about this on the Gateway website, which is available in Serbian too. In the section of this website dedicated to young people, you can read more about the tools themselves and their importance, while in the section for companies there is a section for checking the authenticity of the Basic Check test certificate, as well as why and how this test can help companies in finding young people who match their requirements.