Services for Youth


In the conditions of dynamic social and economic changes, it is necessary to make well-thought-out career decisions that will be in accordance with the interests and abilities of a young person, and on the other hand, correspond to the demands and needs of the labour market. Young people should understand the career options available to them and relate them to their own interests and talents.

It is of crucial importance that young people have an education and the skills that employers are looking for, but for long-term success, young people need something more: they should know what the economy looks like and in which directions it is moving in their local community and in the whole country, how economy is changing and how it affects the supply of jobs. And even more important, in this period of change and volatility, to take an active role in defining their career goals, collecting and analysing information about themselves and career opportunities, and taking a responsible approach in making career decisions.

All these questions are covered by "Education to Employment" project as part of its career guidance component! Career guidance and counselling on the project represents a bridge between the world of education and the world of work, between young people and the company, and an instrument for achieving not only economic, but also social goals.
If you don't know which school or faculty to choose or what profession you want to pursue, if you can't determine what talents and interests you have, if you want to find out what opportunities you have in the field of education, training and employment, if you want to familiarize yourself with the requirements of certain professions and with employers, visit one of our career centers in:

Discover your interests and preferences

Get informed and look at all the possibilities

Check if a certain job is really for you

Present yourself as a valued and responsible worker to your potential employer