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Career Interest Quiz – WayFi is a short quiz/test aimed at young people who have not yet clearly defined their interest and abilities, young people who do not have a clear picture of their profession, but also to all young people who want to check their interests and professional choices.

The quiz consists of two parts that look at your interests and abilities. At the end of the quiz, you will receive a personal analysis, which contains the listed work fields and professions, which based on your answers should be your priority when choosing a profession. Along with the list you will also get an explanation for each recommended work field.

If you need support in understanding the results and/or additional counselling, you can consult career counsellors in your city to help you further analyse and define your career path. The quiz can be found at the link below and at the beginning of the page before that read a short explanation about the use of the data you will provide when registering for the test.

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