Local Partners


Development Business Centre Kragujevac
Contact Person: Marija Stojadinovi?
063 646 252

Business Innovation Programs
Contact person: Vladimir Dobi
060 44 055 69

Forum for Youth Working Engagement is a local partner of the E2E programme. FORUM is a consortium founded in September 2016 and it consists of two NGOs – Business Innovation Programs andBusiness Development Center Kragujevac. Both organizations are well known in the local community and recognized as a relevant factor in the field of employment and increasing youth employability.

The main focuses of the FORUM are coordination of all activities E2E programs in Kragujevac and its’ municipalities, providing young people with help and support during education-to-employment path. FORUM accomplishes its’ goals through developing career capacities of young people and seeking job opportunities in socially inclusive and sustainable way.

The vision of the FORUM is to become a focal point and go-to place for all initiatives for youth and general employment in Central Serbia.

The mission of the FORUM is to support young people in exploring their capabilities and career capacities, setting up and achieving their career objectives.

Activities and services of the forum available to young people in Kragujevac through E2E program:

  • Career guidance and counseling services
  • Cooperation with companies and training providers
  • Developing and submitting applications for financing related to youth employment

FORUM services are intended for:

  • Unemployed young people, up to 30 years of age
  • Pupils of middle vocational and higher education, aged 15-24 years
  • Companies, employers and training programme providers via training courses and internships for young people
  • Mentors within companies participating in programmes (workplace training; training for those belonging to the difficult to employ youth group)