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Timok club
Contact person: Snežana Pavković
+381(0) 19 730 002
+381(0) 19 734 177
+381(0) 63 473 177

Timok club from Knjaževac is a citizens’ association that through its ideas and innovativeness, initiates processes and thus contributes to the socio-economic development of Timok Krajina.

The vision of the Timok Club over the E2E project is to make the organization sustainable and recognized in Serbia as a provider of individual skills and competences growth of young people with the goal of their personal and professional development.

Within the E2E project, Timok club provides support to young people in education, experiencing new professions, in the process of making new decisions about their careers, in order to increase their professional and specialized competences and thus better position themselves in the labor market.

Services of the Timok club available to young people in Knjaževac and its surroundings through the E2E project:

  • Career Consulting and Guidance, individual informing on training courses and available workplaces in Knjaževac;
  • Cooperation with companies and training providers;
  • Connecting young people with employers;
  • Informing about available courses, vacancies, and concrete job professions;
  • Developing and submitting applications for employers, for financing related to youth employment;
  • Introducing young people with opportunities for further education options after primary or secondary school;
  • Workshop on the topic of „soft” skills development.

Services are intended for:

  • Unemployed young people, age 15 to 30 years;
  • Young people aged 15-19 years, high school students and pupils in primary schools;
  • Companies, employers and training program providers;
  • Mentors within companies participating in programs;
  • Sensitive and social vulnerable youth groups: young people aged 15-30 years.