Local Partners


Educational Center – Krusevac
Despota Uglješe 8, 37000 Kruševac

Contact persons:
Violeta Stevović

Ilija Jovanović

The Citizens’ association ” Educational centre – Krusevac” is a local partner of the Education to Employment program in the territory of the city of Krusevac and the Rasina District. The Association is visible and recognized in the local community for its strategic work in the field of improving employability and supporting better access of young people to the labor market.

Within the E2E program, our actions are focused on the promotion and implementation of programs and measures that improve employability capacity, increase the competitiveness of young people in the labor market and thus contribute to increased youth employment in the Rasina District. Since entry into the labor market is a serious challenge for many young people, through the E2E program we provide advisory, educational and practical support for a successful transition between education and employment.

The main focus of our activities is to contribute to the personal and professional development of young people through enhancing their knowledge, skills and attitudes and supporting their decision making and career development.

Services available to young people through the E2E program:

  • Individual and group career guidance and counseling
  • Career information and introduction to occupations
  • Connecting with the business community
  • Work-based learning training

The E2E program services are intended to:

  • Unemployed young people, up to 30 years old
  • Young people during secondary education, aged 15 to 19 years
  • Companies, employers and training providers for young people
  • Mentors at companies participating in the work-based learning training program
  • Specially tailored support for young people from vulnerable, less employable groups