Services for Youth


"Education to Employment" career guidance and counselling services are intended for young people in order to explore their abilities and interests, be career informed and make adequate decisions in the field of choosing a profession, training or education, and preparation for the labour market. In career centers in five cities, individual and group counselling, information on employment opportunities, training and further education are carried out, directly and online, and young people and employers are connected with the aim of improving employability and employment of young people.

The services are used by young people in school (primary, high school, university) and outside the school system, as well as young people who are on the labour market. The goal is to provide a comprehensive set of services with various tools for working with young people of different ages and different needs (secondary school enrolment, college enrolment, preparation for the labour market, finding employment, adequate training...), in the development of career management skills.

The set of various career guidance and counselling services is implemented through different modalities of work and with the application of many tools for individual and group work, some of the tools we use within the E2E are:

1. Real encounters
2. Online career quiz
3. Basic check - competence test
4. Matching tool - a comparison tool
5. Competency cards, feelings cards
6. Tools for defining personal values, competencies, and wishes etc.