ENECA - EcoNomic Expert Community Association
Nade Tomić 16/1, 18000 Niš, Srbija
Working hours: Monday– Friday 08:00 – 16:00
+381 62 528 228
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ENECA is a local non-governmental organization based in Nis, registered in 2005.
Our mission is local sustainable development in the region of Southeast Europe. We strive to continuously and consistently monitor and respond to the needs of our clients and partners, provide an environment in which they will improve their business, knowledge and skills.
Since its establishment, ENECA has been active in the field of socio-economic development, and through the implemented projects the following results have been achieved:

  • Provided support in employment of 6,000 people,
  • 2,800 small equipment businesses supported,
  • Realized 2,500 business and professional trainings,
  • Realized 1,500 direct monitoring and advising of entrepreneurs.

The projects were implemented independently or in cooperation with local and international partners and with the support of domestic and foreign donors such as UNDP, USAID, RAS, GIZ, Kingdom of Sweden, UNOPS, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Ministry of Economy, Philip Morris International, etc.

  • Promotion of local sustainable development
  • Improving competitiveness in southern Serbia, at the state level and in Southeast Europe
  • Raising the living standard of vulnerable groups and encouraging them in the development of business activities and sustainable development in general
  • Development of human capital through adequate education and training
  • Networking of local institutions, organizations, entrepreneurs and companies in Southeast Europe with the common goal of further economic growth and development
  • Promotion of gender equality and equal opportunities
  • Protection and improvement of the environment and health through education and promotion
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ENECA services available through the E2E project:

  • Career counseling and guidance and individual information on training and available jobs;
  • Support in making decisions about future career steps
  • Support in active job search and employment;
  • Informing young people about available trainings, vacancies and specific occupations
  • Targeting and selecting potential employees
  • Connecting young people with employers;
  • Choosing the best candidate for the company!

Who are the services for:

  • Young people aged 15-19, high school students and high school students in primary schools
  • Young unemployed people aged 18-35
  • Companies, employers and training providers
  • Vulnerable groups of young people: young people aged 15-30, members of the Roma population