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Schedule a Basic Check and go through the Matching Tool

The test of abilities and aptitudes called Basic Check is another test that helps young people in career planning, which was developed by the project ” Education to Employment” in cooperation with partners from Switzerland – Gateway Solutions AG (

The Basic Check test is primarily used in the project as part of the competency assessment process for young people who have applied for one of the developed and offered on-the-job trainings. This type of measuring instrument is a kind of objective, and in relation to the profession neutral assessment, which refers to the personal profile of the abilities of young people.

This test, as one of many tools, can be used in the process of career guidance and counselling with other young people who want to test their general competencies with a focus on cognitive abilities and practical competencies. In order to secure comprehensive competence assessment, the Basic Check test has been upgraded with a practical part that contains six more areas of tasks in order to check practical knowledge and abilities.

The test is conducted exclusively in the career center under the supervision of a career practitioner and at a defined time. It contains two basic areas of assessment, the standard, and the practical part.

The standard, general part contains four areas of tasks and is aimed at assessing cognitive abilities:

  • Language tasks;
  • Multidimensional tasks;
  • Numerical tasks;
  • English as a foreign language.

The practical part contains six areas of tasks, it is aimed at checking practical knowledge and abilities:

  • Natural Science
  • Economy, planning and organization
  • ICT and data processing
  • Hygiene and safety at work
  • Understanding of technique and technology
  • Human and health

Two hours should be set aside for the test. The test has undergone a standardization period and all candidates receive a certificate with a security key and a QR code, the authenticity of which can be verified on the Gateway website. Support in reviewing and interpreting the results (into which occupations/trainings fit the established abilities) is provided by career counsellors on the project “Education to employment”.


The matching tool is developed as an additional part to the Basic Check aptitude test, which as a measuring instrument in the assessment of competencies indicates the ability/competency profile of a young person.

The matching tool is used for comparing the results achieved on the Basic Check test with the requirements of specific, offered jobs, or to obtain information about the required levels of knowledge and requirements for the selected jobs according to the categories checked in the test. Information about requirements and required knowledge levels was collected on the field, directly from the employers and companies. Additionally, descriptions for each job available for comparison in the Matching tool, are developed and available on the page Job descriptions.

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