A missing link between education and a job.

In almost every country, in terms of weak and constantly changing labor markets, all young people are facing the challenge: which school, college or a profession should I choose?

It’s crucial for young people to have an education and gain life and work skills that employers are looking for. But, for real long-term success, young people need something else: they should be introduced to what labor market really looks like and in which directions the economy is moving in their local communities and the entire country, how the economy is changing and how it affects the job offer.

Young people should know how to make these career options available to them in connection with their own interests and talents. Also, young people should develop some important soft and technical skills employers are looking for, but also, gain experience in the workplace.

All these questions are answered within what is called concealing and guidance. Career counselors help young people gain confidence in career choices decision making that are believable but also tailored to their exact needs.