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ZIP Centre
Contact: Ana Petrović
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Citizen Association “Osveženje”
Contact: Mira Zlatkov
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Job Info Center is E2E programme local partner in the territory of Pirot City District. It is a consortium consisting of two organizations – Citizen Association Osveženje (“Refreshment”) and ZIP Center – Pirot Business Incubator.

The main goal of this consortium is to improve the position of youth in the labor market by establishing a specific set of activities with a clear focus on youth groups which are difficult to employ, especially in the Roma community. Job Info Center achieves its’ goals through various set of partnerships between the public, civil and private sectors.

Vision: Become a locally recognizable center for increasing youth employability and developing job careers for young people.

Mission: Job info Center aims to increase the employability of young people through cooperation and networking with other relevant institutions.

Services that are available through “Job info Center” E2E programme activities in Pirot District:

  • Choosing the best candidate for the company!
    • Scouting and selection of potential employees
    • Providing support in drafting a training plan
    • Providing support for project writing and project management
    • Organizing training for mentors within the company
  • “Inform Yourself-Identify Yourself-Employ yourself” (programme for young people aged 15-30 years)
  • Career Counseling and guidance
    • Support in future career steps decision making
    • Introducing with opportunities for further education options after primary or secondary school
    • Informing about available courses, vacancies, and concrete job professions

Job info Center services are for:

  • Young people aged 15-19 years, high school students and pupils in primary schools
  • Young unemployed aged 18-30 years
  • Companies, employers, and providers training
  • Sensitive youth groups: young people aged 15-30 years, members of the Roma population