Pro.Tok 21
Despota Đurđa 4, 11300 Smederevo
+381 64 804 74 35

Contact persons:
Brankica Marjanović
+381(0)69 406 77 71

Sanja Dimić

+381(0)62 964 73 11

The Pro.Tok21 organization is a local partner of the E2E program on the territory of the city of Smederevo and the Podunavlje district.

Pro.Tok21 is an association of citizens, a voluntary, non-partisan and non-profit association of individuals and legal entities, founded for an indefinite period, in order to achieve goals in the field of sustainable development as a combination – of ecology, social factors, and economic factors. The headquarters of the organization is in Smederevo.

Pro.Tok21 gathers enthusiasts of various profiles, who are determined to offer the local community new concepts of the functioning of our society. They direct their knowledge and skills primarily toward raising citizens’ awareness about the need to create new models in the environment in which we live.

We want a self-sustaining society. Our vision is a community where there is neither excess nor deficiency. Where the potential in everything and everyone is used. That is why, through this program, we aim to help young people of different profiles to find a decent job for themselves that will meet their needs and our partner employers with quality staff willing to get an education.