Welcome to the home page of program “From Education to Employment”!

We are a four-year partnership program of Swiss and Serbian Governments designed to reduce youth unemployment.

The program is implemented in the Republic of Serbia, with five test communities Kragujevac, Knjaževac, Kruševac, Novi Pazar and Pirot.

Together with our local partners, E2E is working to identify the most successful cooperation model between the municipal administration, education institutions, business sectors and local community able to reducte of youth employment in a sustainable and socially inclusive way.

E2E uses a similar Swiss system of youth employment support as our role model. We plan to adapt this system – which offers different work based training, career guidance and counselling services – to fit the local needs and create an efficient employment support system for our youth.

Our most important partner is the Government of Serbia and its Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Unit (SIPRU). Our E2E findings from the five pilot areas will be presented to the Government of Serbia to create the necessary legislative framework for the employment support system.

Our goal is to influence change of the legislation and public politics to allow local communities in Serbia to proactively shape and develop their local job markets.

Our partners are aslo municipal governments, companies, non-governmental organizations, schools and universities, as well as all those who can contribute towards youth unemployment reduction.

This home page is a perfect place to learn how E2E plans to increase youth employability, in an inclusive and sustainable way, reduce the “brain-drain” and speed up economic development of Serbia. Our E2E webpages are the perfect place to learn how timely and strategic interventions on the labor market, even at the municipal level, can increase a community’s attractiveness as an investment location.