Welcome to the web pages of the program

From Education to Employment (E2E),

a Swiss and Serbian governments` partnership program designed to improve employability of young people in Serbia.

E2E Program supports evidence-based development of youth employment policies in Serbia and facilitates employment and learning opportunities for young people in Serbia.


We support young unemployed people in Serbia to find a decent job faster by creating work-based learning programs and opportunities where young people can learn skills actually required on the job market.  E2E builds alliances between public, civil and private sector involved in youth employment to create a municipal-level support system for faster employment of young people.


Together with our national partners (Ministries in the Government of Serbia and relevant state institutions such as National Employment Service and Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and our local partners in five test communities, E2E identifies the most successful cooperation models between the national institutions, municipal administration, education institutions, businesses and local community for sustainable and inclusive youth employment.