E2E Story – A call for training in Makaron moda

E2E Story – A call for training in Makaron moda

Pirot:  The Job Info Centre in Pirot made, within the “Education to Employment“ programme, a call for training for the profession of sewer in “Makaron moda“ u Pirot, for 30 young people.


All young people between 18 and 30 years of age may apply, or up to 35 years of age if they belong to a vulnerable population group.


A career counsellor in the Job Info Centre Marko Cenić said that training will be organised in such a way that mentors’ supervision will be provided.



 “Training for sewers will include 30 young people who will receive monetary allowance and the best of them will be offered employment opportunity. The role of the Job Info Centre is to collect applications, carry out primary selection of candidates and make the assessment of the candidates’ competencies which will then be forwarded to people in charge of selecting the candidates in the company as such. In cooperation between career counsellors and company staff in charge of selecting the candidates, the total of 30 trainees will be chosen”, Cenić said.


Cenić added that cooperation with this company started in the beginning of current year.


“At that time, we helped this company by collecting the applications for the job and forwarding them to the company. The duration of training for these 30 sewers will be 360 hours, or a little bit more than two months“, Cenić said.


Mira Zlatkov, who is Job Info Centre’s person in charge of the implementation of on-the-job training, also noted that this is not the first time that Job Info Centre works jointly with this company.



“When they started the production in Pirot, we provided them support with collecting the applications and with pre-selection of the candidates who showed interest to work in their company. Considering that they wanted to start the production process, in the beginning they selected workers who had work experience. Now, through this programme, we will also include young people who will prepare themselves for the job of sewer through work-based learning”, Zlatkov said.


She added that now they are receiving applications from candidates. They already have received a high number of applications from persons who would like to do this job.


“After this the selection will follow, and we expect the training to start before end of December”, Zlatkov said.


Text Zoran Panić / Photo Zoran Panić and Job Info Centre in Pirot/ Edited by: Sandra Vlatković.

E2E story – Sewers in Pirot, waiters in Niš

E2E story – Sewers in Pirot, waiters in Niš

Pirot: Mira Zlatkov from Pirot JOB Info centre, who is their person in charge of work-based learning (WBL), said for the website of “Education to Employment” E2E programme which is being implemented in Pirot for the sixth year in a row and which has been for a long time recognisable even beyond the Pirot County for its in-company training programmes and for the positive ultimate effects of such training.


“This is a specific model of training. Public call for the companies who wish to organise training has closed. About a dozen companies and fifty young people applied for training in different professions”, Zlatkov said.



She announced further two work-based learning (WBL) programmes.


“Training will soon start for thirty sewers in “Makaron moda“ company, as needed by this garment-making company which is doing business in Pirot, as well as in “Pležer“ company in Niš in which training for six waiters has been organised”, Zlatkov said.


As regards the training which has been organised in the course of current year, Zlatkov noted that training for six trainees for the profession of an operator in the production of optical components has been completed in “Photon Optronics d.o.o.“ company in Niš.



“All of them have successfully passed the final exam and had excellent results. What is also of utmost importance and the goal of the “Education to Employment“ programme is that all six trainees were offered employment in the company in which the training was organised. So, when we talk about the effects of the programme and round things off, the successful trend of the work-based learning programme is continued and, consequently, creates opportunity for young people to get a job more easily”, Zlatkov said.


She emphasised that in this way they gain necessary professional skills and knowledge, which helps them find a job after they complete the training. At the same time, the companies are provided support in their search for new staff.


“It is most important that the goal is being achieved, that 50 percent of young people who underwent the training were offered a job. We have good cooperation with the companies in which training was organised – starting from sole proprietorships through to larger companies, such as “Makaron moda“. We have organised training for auxiliary construction workers in “Napredak“ company in Pirot, for CNC operators in textile industry in “Lisca“ company in Babušnica, for salespersons and warehouse workers in „Marmil“ company in Pirot, as well as training for further seven or eight professions”,  Zlatkov said.



She added that this model of on-the-job training proved to be efficient and an example of good practice, which was confirmed by the fact that, based on the experience gathered under the “Education to Employment“ programme, the Pirot City Administration, through its Local Employment Action Plan, organised work-based learning (WBL) programmes for the professions which are in deficit in this town.


“Through this Local Employment Action Plan, ZIP Centre will organise these training programmes in seven different companies in Pirot, for the total of ten trainees“, Mira Zlatkov said and added that work-based learning (WBL) programmes will continue and that a new call from the organisers will follow at the beginning of next year.


Text: Zoran Panić / Photo: Archive of the Job Info centre / Edited by: Sandra Vlatković


E2E story – Valuable assistance of career counsellors

E2E story – Valuable assistance of career counsellors

Pirot: As a partner in the implementation of the “Education to Employment” programme in Pirot and Nišava counties, Pirot JOB Info centre organises, in addition to work-based learning (WBL), regular career counselling sessions for secondary school students.



One of these career counselling sessions was recently held in “Bora Stanković” Gymnasium in Niš. The workshops were about career choice as well as about gender equality.


“Two workshops were held in this gymnasium, each in the duration of an hour and a half. The first segment of these workshops was devoted to group career counselling sessions, after which students were given opportunity to have individual counselling sessions. The topics discussed also included gender equality, men’s and women’s professions, men’s and women’s university studies.  We also touched on the topics such as misconceptions and discrimination, and the issues related to career and university choices“, career counsellor in Pirot Job Info centre Mila Lazić said.



She added that, at this moment, the students of this Niš Gymnasium have the hardest time with choosing the university studies and their future career.


“Most of them said during these talks that they intend to go to university, they have a wide range of interests and cannot decide on a single profession, studies, or university. We are here to help them so that they go through the tests together with us and make a decision in accordance with their affinities and inclinations, as well as the demand on the labour market. Workshops were attended by 46 students of the final, 4th grade, of this Niš gymnasium“, Lazić said.


Talking about previous experience in organising career counselling in Pirot and Niš, she concluded that most students do have an idea about the profession which they want and which suits them for their future career.



“Most students are moving in the right direction. They need additional information about university studies to decide on and the profession to choose so that, after they graduate, they get a job more easily. Cooperation with the University in Niš and schools in this town started last year, but, due to the pandemic, the workshops were held online. Now we managed to organise these workshops in a school. Besides expanding our business activity, we got opportunity to help them, which is very important for both us and them“, Lazić said, announcing that more workshops like this will be organised in future.


Talking about on-the-job training, career counsellor Marko Cenić stressed that three training courses started a few months ago.


In “Okar hidraulik“ company in Niš training is now ongoing for auxiliary CNC operator, training for welders is underway in “Resor“ company in Gadžin Han, and “Photon optronik“ company in Niš is now implementing training for fibre optic technicians.


“Training in these three companies is attended by ten young people from Niš and its neighboring area“, Cenić said, adding that training for in-company instructors who will work with the trainees came first.


Jobs for seventy percent of trainees


“Since 2016, when the implementation of the “Education to Employment” programme started in more than 25 companies in Pirot, 9 training courses for different professions have been organised. The training was attended by more than 150 young people. Out of this number, 70 percent got a job in the companies in which WBL took place. Therefore, the effects of this programme are doubtlessly good”, Cenić said.



Text: Zoran Panić, photo: JOB Info centre / Edited by: Sandra Vlatković
Photo: Z. Panić and the archives of JOB Info centre

E2E story – A versatile job offer and the possibility of career counselling

E2E story – A versatile job offer and the possibility of career counselling

Pirot: Job Info centre in Pirot, a partner in the “Education to Employment” project,  continued its group career counselling sessions in schools, in accordance with the epidemiological situation, as well as with on-the-job training for youth.


Career counsellor Marko Cenić said that they have recently organised a career counselling session in the Economic School in Pirot.




“We talked with the students of this school about the options they gave after they finish school, about active search for a job, offer and demand, and about the options which Job info centre offers to youth“, Cenić said adding that more than 20 students of the 4th year in this school attended this info session.


According to him, the plan is the same as before: to hold such career counselling sessions in all Pirot schools.


“Info sessions are adjusted to the epidemiological situation. We will therefore not be able to conduct the career counselling sessions which we plan to have in the schools in Niš in direct contact with the students, considering that the school is now online in that town”, Cenić said.



He stressed that, as long as the COVID-19 pandemic is present, all info sessions will be adjusted to suit the stipulated and recommended protection measures.


Mira Zlatkov, which is the Job Info centre’s person in charge of WBL programme implementation, noted that training for several different professions is now in process.


“Training for the sellers of ready meals in the “Hipoposlovi doo“ company in Pirot is now going on. This two-month training is attended by two young women with one woman mentoring them. Also, three persons are currently undergoing training for auxiliary construction workers in “Napredak“ company in Pirot. These candidates have a mentor who have undergone training for mentors. The training will be going on until end of October”, Mira Zlatkov said.


On 1 September, training for the profession of welder started in “Resor d.o.o.“ company in Gadžin Han and training for the profession of auxiliary CNC operator started in “Okar hidraulik“ company in Niš.


Zlatkov also noted that different activities are being implemented though the “Education to Employment” programme and that work-based learning (WBL) is one of them.



“ZIP centre is experienced in organising training courses like these. Namely, in the last five years we have been using the same method to interconnect the employers and the unemployed through the  “Education to Employment” project. At this moment, we are implementing several projects relating to employment and supporting the entrepreneurship”, Mira Zlatkov said.



A call for employers is always open


“A call for employers, with regard to the work-based learning programmes, is open throughout a year. Until the end of September a call will be open for all employers who want to get involved and reach young people who will undergo the training and, later on, provide the required staff for the company”, Zlatkov said.


The Local Employment Action Plan envisages the work-based learning programmes which the City of Pirot is organising together with the ZIP centre. There was a competition process and seven employers were chosen, and the training will be attended by 10 trainees. The training started with five employers who are involved in this programme and the call is still open for two candidates for the training for waiters. The duration of this training will be two months, and the trainees will get monetary allowance throughout its duration.


Text: Zoran Panić / Edited by: Sandra Vlatković

Photo: ZP and archive of the JOB info centre

E2E Story – Job Info centre at the Employment Fair

E2E Story – Job Info centre at the Employment Fair

Pirot: JOB Info centre in Pirot has organised numerous work-based learning programmes within the “Education to Employment” project with the aim to make it easier for youth to find jobs. In their neighbouring Dimitrovgrad, the Centre has presented its activities.



In addition to Pirot, training was organised in Niš and Gadžin Han.


“We were guests at the Employment Fair in Dimitrovgrad. We have presented to the interested users the tools which we use to make it easier for people to find a job, as well as the current job offer, and the available WBL programmes”, Mira Zlatkov said. She is the JOB Info centre’s person in charge of the implementation of WBL programmes. She added that most users were interested in getting help in writing their CVs and motivational letters.





JOB info centre also took part in the debate organised to mark the Youth Day. It also had a stall at the mini fair in which it presented its activities in this town.


Zlatkov noted that currently going on is training for the sellers of ready meals in “Hipoposlovi doo“ company in Pirot, with two young women attending two-month training which began on 1 August, with one mentor. Also, training for road workers, which lasted for two months, was finished in “Drumovi a.d.” company. This training was completed by four trainees.





Three trainees started the training to become auxiliary construction workers in “Napredak“ company in Pirot.





“These trainees have one mentor who has undergone training for mentors”,  Mira Zlatkov said.



Training in Gadžin Han and Niš


“On 1 September training for the profession of a welder started for two trainees in “Resor d.o.o.“ company from Gadžin Han, and for auxiliary CNC operator for one trainee in “Okar hidraulik“ company from Niš. All these are the programmes that are currently underway under the “Education to Employment” project, and they are now taking place also in Nišava County”, Mira Zlatkov said.



Text: Zoran Panić / Edited by: Sandra Vlatković
Photo: Archive of the JOB Info centre

E2E story – Lana hopes to get a job: A rare but useful occasion to acquire knowledge

E2E story – Lana hopes to get a job: A rare but useful occasion to acquire knowledge

Niš: This year the “Education to Employment“ project expanded their activites to include Niš and Gadžin Han, where work-based learning (WBL) programmes are now being implemented. Now ongoing in this company is training for six persons.


Nineteen-years-old resident of Niš Lana Miljković is one of the trainees in the training for the profession of fibre optic production operator in “Photon optronics“ company in Niš je. Lana finished the Mechanical School in Niš and her profession is optical technician.


“I accepted this training because the school I attended earlier has good cooperation with the company in which the training takes place. The duration of training in “Photon Optronics“  is 3.5 months. I am satisfied with my work here because the atmosphere is good. You can learn a lot from the mentors, which means a lot to me since I did not gain any practical experience after I finished secondary school,” Lana said.




After she finished school, Lana did not have any job and this is her first work experience. She hopes that she will be able to remain in the company in which the training was organised.


“I do stand a chance because the company needs people of my profession. I hope to get employment after I complete the training which started on the 15th of July and develops successfully,” Lana said.


Lana said that the “Education to Employment“ project brings many benefits.


“This project offers opportunity to gain practical knowledge, which is really rare in our education system. On the other hand, the project is important for employers because they acquire staff that fit their needs,” Lana added, happy to be a part of the work-based learning programme in this company.


Her mentor Marija Dinić has only the words of praise for Lana and her serious approach to the training.


“With Lana we have first passed through the theoretical part and she has completed it quickly and successfully. She learnt the work procedures to be followed, and she implements them in practice. The same applies for a part of polishing that we also do. We teach them how to operate tools and the blanks. She proved to us that she is responsible, meticulous and committed. Besides, she accepts our suggestions and easily adopts new things,“ Lana’s mentor said.



Mira Zlatkov from the Job Info centre in Pirot, who is in charge for the implementation of the WBL programme, said that at the beginning of the training they selected candidates together with the representatives of this company.


“Six trainees were selected and all of them will have theoretical as well as practical part of the training. They are distributed across different sectors of the company and the training develops smoothly. Mentors have undergone the training, too,” Zlatkov said and added that mentors have also undergone the training.



 Training in Niš and Gadžin Han


“Training for six persons who want to become optic fibre production operators was  organised in “Photon optronics“ in Niš. From the 1st of September two trainees will be trained for the profession of the welder in “Resor d.o.o.“ company in Gadžin Han,” Mira Zlatkov said.



Text: Zoran Panić / Photo: Lana Miljković’s private archive / Edited by: Sandra Vlatković