Dis Todorović: “Education to Employment” is a very good move

Dis Todorović: “Education to Employment” is a very good move

Knjazevac: Ražanj Dis Todorović company dealing in  dairy processing, a new partner of the “Education to Employment” programme and the Timok Club,  will soon start training four girls for the position of a dairy processing assistant operator.
Dis Todorović is a family company which was founded in 1997 in this small town in Nišava County. Today this dairy, designed to be the highest European standards in the food industry, processes 11,000 litres of milk a day and sends to the market pasteurized and curdled milk, yogurt, cream, cheese, chachkaval, as well as peppers in cream and feta cheese with herbs.
Our folk say that you are what you eat, and Ražanj folk add that healthy and natural food is a prerequisite for a long and healthy life. We’re becoming increasingly more aware of this fact at these times of corona virus pandemic.
Like many other businesses in Serbia, Dis Todorović is also facing a shortage of skilled labour.

“Aleksinac, which is about 30 km far, has an agricultural school with a dairy department, but the interest of the youth is insignificant. Further, the students almost have no practical training so it is under question whether they can really learn how to do this job,” technologist Marika Djordjevic, director of Dis Todorović, said. She added that a lot of more efforts need to be made with regard to dual education.

Being very pleased with the collaboration with the Timok Club, she described the “Education to Employment”  programme as an “awesome move”.

“I believe that co-operation with the “Education to Employment” programme would be of great benefit for every company in Serbia. It is hard to imagine how much time and money it takes to acquire skilled labour. They first need to be taught to get up on time, then how to treat their colleagues, and then also how to master the work process… By joining this programme, we received an opportunity to offer to four girls to learn all about dairy processing – if they want to, of course. Three of them who prove to be the best  will get a chance to stay with us. This mean that they should be ready to work in controlled conditions, because mistakes are not allowed allowed here where we are producing food, which needs to be safe, Marika Djordjevic said.

The training at Dis Todorović involves 60 hours of theoretical and 300 hours of practical work. Learning from experienced mentors,  trainees will be provided opportunity to get jobs in dairy industry.
Text and photo: Ljiljana Pavlović /  Edited by: Sandra Vlatković