Beograd: The level of wages and salaries received by most of the employed in Serbia, almost 20 p.c., is 20-25 thousand dinars, and two thirds receive less than the average salary – these are the data provided by the National Statistical Office for November 2017, calculated according to the new methodology for the calculation of average salary.

Belgrade media informed that National Statistical Office presented new data about salaries in Serbia, calculated in accordance with a new methodology.

Key difference is that employers used to be surveyed to supply the data about how much they paid their employees in a specific month and now the Tax Administration provides data about the calculated salaries. Therefore, whatever was suspected before is clearly visible now. Previously, average salary was calculated based on surveys covering a sample of 800 thousand legal entities, and the new method of calculation covers 1.85 million of employees.

Thus, the data for November 2017, for example, show that there is a difference between the old and the new methodology for calculation of salaries. According to the new calculation method, average salary in 2017 was 46.6 thousand dinars, by 2.7 p.c. less than when it was calculated in accordance with the old method.

In November 2017 most employed people in Serbia, almost 350 thousand, received a net salary of 25 thousand dinars

Besides the persons employed under employment contracts, the data now includes the persons employed under contracts on occasional and temporary jobs, as well as persons employed with the Ministry of Defence and the Army of Serbia – who were not included before.

According to the new methodology, average salary in the past year was 46.6 thousand dinars, which is by 1,293 less than the amount calculated in accordance with the previously applicable methodology.