Local Partners

E2E programme has local partners in five pilot municipalities and cities in Serbia. Together, we are implementing activities that will help young people find a job faster — through career counseling and guidance, primarily.

E2E partner Kruševac

Youth Council of Kruševac is a Citizen Association established with the aim of supporting youth activism and the role of young people in the local community as active citizens.

The main goal of the Youth Council is to support personal and professional youth development through engaging in informal education activities. They also focus on increasing general employability of young people in Kruševac through acquiring better competencies, working habits and introducing them with the labor market and employers.

Youth Council’s vision is securing a better position of young people in the labor market and reducing unemployment among them.

The mission of The Youth Council in the E2E program is to empower young people to invest in themselves, their personal needs, interests, and values — by giving them full support and motivating them to try new professions, compare their aspirations with reality and make solid decisions about their own career.

Specific goal: The Youth Council of Kruševac has become a recognizable and important factor in systematic unemployment problem solving and increasing youth employability through various local activities.

The Youth Council services available in Kruševac and its surroundings through the E2E program:

  • Career Consulting and Guidance, individual informing on training courses and available workplaces in Kruševac
  • Support in active job search and employment: Create individual career profiles, Connecting young people with potential employers, Support in the process of getting personal documentation, social and health security and insurance.

The Youth Council services are for:

  • Sensitive youth groups: young people aged 15-30 years (ex-offenders, young offenders, young men leaving the social protection system, socially and economically endangered young, etc)
  • Young people aged 15-19 years, high school students and pupils in primary schools
  • Young unemployed aged 18-30 years
  • Companies, employers, and providers of training courses and education

Youth Council in Kruševac
Contact Person: Marina Virijević
[email protected]
Web page

E2E partner Kragujevac

Forum for Youth Working Engagement is a local partner of the E2E programme. FORUM is a consortium founded in September 2016 and it consists of two NGOs – Business Innovation Programs and Business Development Center Kragujevac. Both organizations are well known in the local community and recognized as a relevant factor in the field of employment and increasing youth employability.

The main focuses of the FORUM are coordination of all activities E2E programs in Kragujevac and its’ municipalities, providing young people with help and support during education-to-employment path. FORUM accomplishes its’ goals through developing career capacities of young people and seeking job opportunities in socially inclusive and sustainable way.

The vision of the FORUM is to become a focal point and go-to place for all initiatives for youth and general employment in Central Serbia.

The mission of the FORUM is to support young people in exploring their capabilities and career capacities, setting up and achieving their career objectives.

Activities and services of the forum available to young people in Kragujevac through E2E program:

  • Career guidance and counseling services
  • Cooperation with companies and training providers
  • Developing and submitting applications for financing related to youth employment

FORUM services are intended for:

  • Unemployed young people, up to 30 years of age
  • Pupils of middle vocational and higher education, aged 15-24 years
  • Companies, employers and training programme providers via training courses and internships for young people
  • Mentors within companies participating in programmes (workplace training; training for those belonging to the difficult to employ youth group)

Business Innovation Programs
Contact person: Marijana Simić
[email protected]
060 44 055 69

Development Business Centre Kragujevac
Contact Person: Marija Stojadinović
[email protected]
063 646 252

E2E partner Pirot

Job Info Center is E2E programme local partner in the territory of Pirot City District. It is a consortium consisting of two organizations – Citizen Association Osveženje (“Refreshment”) and ZIP Center – Pirot Business Incubator.

The main goal of this consortium is to improve the position of youth in the labor market by establishing a specific set of activities with a clear focus on youth groups which are difficult to employ, especially in the Roma community. Job Info Center achieves its’ goals through various set of partnerships between the public, civil and private sectors.

Vision: Become a locally recognizable center for increasing youth employability and developing job careers for young people.

Mission: Job info Center aims to increase the employability of young people through cooperation and networking with other relevant institutions.

Services that are available through “Job info Center” E2E programme activities in Pirot District:

  • Choosing the best candidate for the company!
    • Scouting and selection of potential employees
    • Providing support in drafting a training plan
    • Providing support for project writing and project management
    • Organizing training for mentors within the company
  • “Inform Yourself-Identify Yourself-Employ yourself” (programme for young people aged 15-30 years)
  • Career Counseling and guidance
    • Support in future career steps decision making
    • Introducing with opportunities for further education options after primary or secondary school
    • Informing about available courses, vacancies, and concrete job professions

Job info Center services are for:

  • Young people aged 15-19 years, high school students and pupils in primary schools
  • Young unemployed aged 18-30 years
  • Companies, employers, and providers training
  • Sensitive youth groups: young people aged 15-30 years, members of the Roma population

ZIP Centre
Contact: Ana Petrović
Facebook page

Citizen Association “Osveženje”
Contact: Miloš Colić
Facebook page

E2E partner Knjaževac

The Centre for training and working engagement of young People (CORAM) Knjaževac is a provider of individualized services for youth and companies also, each tailored to their exact needs.
Through close cooperation with companies, institutions and civil society organizations, CORAM directly affects local employment policies. Through continuous data gathering from the labor market, local enterprises, schools, and surrounding villages, CORAM provides young people from Knjaževac with prompt updates and correct information from and about the labor market, current job offerings, necessary competencies for these jobs, as well as the currently available training and education courses.

CORAM services available in Knjaževac and the environment through the E2E programme:

  • Career counseling and guidance (supporting youth in independent deciding about the further education and occupations for pupils of primary and secondary schools)o workshops on the topic of modern career concept and the importance of self-realization – interest, capacity, capacities;
    • Informative workshops about the today’s labor market – a reference to other actors;
    • Informative workshops on educational routes – a reference to schools and colleges;
    • Workshops on the topic of modern career concept and the importance of self-realization – interest, capacity, capacities;
  • “Together towards the employer” (support the young people in further schooling and professional training decision making, choice of professions, work practices and other opportunities for the development of their own careers and raising capacities for successful conservation and presentation to employers, for the young age of 15-30 years)
    • informing candidates about the demands of specific occupations, detection and mapping of formal education and work experience, competencies and attitudes and their integration with the demands of occupations;
    • Soft Skills workshops — writing work biographies, simulation of job interviews and the basis of business communication;
    • Feedback interview with clients, the selection of the best and referral to the employer;
    • Candidates Monitoring in addition to providing additional support and motivation for the job;
    • Assessment of interest, motivation and overall employability of candidates;
    • Mobile team visits to rural areas and informing young people about the labor market, as well as realistic encounters of employment.
  • “Support the child on a career path” (The Forum for groups of parents of 15-18 years old)
    • Educating parents on ways to support children;
    • Informing young people about the opportunities at the local and the region;
    • Presentation of criteria for making career decisions;
    • the modern concept of career and the specificity of modern jobs and their developmental consequences
    • upbringing actions, procedures, and their developmental consequences.
  • Promotion and presentation of employers
    • advertising of vacancies and calls for trainees and professional practices at the website of the Centre;
    • sending newsletters to users from CORAM’s database with useful information and notifications;
    • Promo material distribution (banners and posters) via bulletin board and personal at the premises of the Centre;
    • presentation of the company at the site of the Centre and/or the presentation of the company (logo and/or a banner);
    • announcing key events in local media, official social media channels, and web portals.
  • Employers support in developing various training programs
  • Support to the company in developing job offerings and descriptions

CORAM services are for:

  • Young people aged 15-19 years, high school students and pupils in primary schools
  • Young unemployed people aged 18-30 years
  • Companies, employers and training providers
  • Parents of the children aged 15-18 years

Center for training and working engagement of young people
Contact: Bojan Radosavljević
[email protected]
[email protected]
+ 381 19 733-035
Facebook page

E2E partner Novi Pazar

The Youth Cluster Novi Pazar is a consortium consisting of two entities: the Office for the young city of Novi Pazar and NGO Association of Psychologists.  This cluster represents a “bridge” between employers in the Novi Pazar City District and a qualified workforce of young people. The Youth Cluster has been founded with the aim of providing all the necessary support to young people of Novi Pazar when choosing an adequate career. Also,Youth Clusters strives to strengthen young people in becoming suitable for the desired employment through education and personal improvement. The main goal of Youth Cluster is to work on increasing the youth employability from Novi Pazar City District, through gaining knowledge and practical skills

Services available through Youth Cluster and E2E programme are in Novi Pazar:

  • Competence Development Centre

Objective: Improve personal and interpersonal skills of young people, in order to improve the self-presentation and therefore increase the chances in the labor market.

To whom it is intended: young people aged 15-30 years, who leave the social protection system, socially and economically disadvantaged youth groups, youth from rural communities, youth with disabilities…

  • Career Counseling and guidance

Objective: Empowering young people in choosing the right profession, support in active job search, introducing young people with the labor market and potential employers

To whom it is intended: young people from 15-30 years of age

  • Peer education

(peer workshops on career counseling and management, promotion of secondary schools in elementary schools, meetings with school representatives, forming peer teams for career guidance and secondary school counseling in Novi Pazar)

Objective: Through peer education and workshops that are kept young until more effective education of peers

To whom it is intended: young people aged 15-19 years.

  • Business Connection

Objective: Enable and motivate Novi Pazar employers to organize work practices and internships, help companies in choosing the future employees among the best young trainees is training in the workplace.

For whom it is intended: the business sector in Novi Pazar

  • Developing PPDP trough the principle of cooperation in the employment of young people

Objective: Agreements between public institutions, business sectors, educational institutions and the civil sector, which will, through forming a working group, enable youth in Novi Pazar and the environment of combining theory and practice in education. This approach will create opportunities for the business sector to take an active role in the development of curricula that are in line with the real needs of their companies.

Association of Psychologists Novi Pazar (The Youth Cluster NP)
Contact person: Zehra Hasanbegović
Mitrovačka bb (Sports hall Pendik), Novi Pazar
[email protected], [email protected]
063 189 01 30, 020 600 353

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