Knjaževac: The Timok club, local partner of the “Education to Employment” project, implemented its first WBL-type training this year in cooperation with the MDS Miljković company. It was the training for sewers and the trainees have been awarded the training attendance certificates.


A small ceremony organised in the premises of Timok club provided opportunity for yet another encounter, opportunity to share experience and exchange information. Despite the fact that they had expressed their need for young and skilled workers, MDS shirt-producing company was prevented, by COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertain future, to retain some of the trained young people in their company. The experience gained in their first job, however, is invaluable for many of them and, bolstered with self-confidence, they continue looking for their place on the labour market.





„Now I am more active, I notice the companies looking for new workers. I already know in which companies I would like to apply for a job and we will see what happens“, Miroljub Hercegovac said, but his friends who have also undergone this training, take a similar stance.


„We live in the times when all who want a job need to actively search for it. I believe that the experience they gained during the first training which we organised in current year helped them get empowered and, bolstered with self-confidence, look for a new job. Of course, we are here to go on helping them with our advice, should it be necessary. Most importantly, they were offered opportunity to learn a new craft and they took it“, we heard in Timok club.



Text: Ljiljana Pavlović/ Edited by: Sandra Vlatković