Novi Pazar:  The Novi Pazar Youth Office, local partner of the “From Education to Employment” Programme in this city, currently implements four activities designed to make it easier for unemployed young people in this city to find employment.  Local labour market in Novi Pazar, the city with a high young people unemployment rate, was analysed within one of these activities. It showed that local furniture factories face difficulties when they want to employ upholsterers. Youth Office responded by organising training for fifteen person under 30 to become upholsterers.

“They are undergoing training in ‘Numanović’ Company and we feel exhilarated to hear that their management is happy with what they have learnt and plans to offer a job to all of them. Besides learning all work operations during the training, those fifteen people attended theoretical training in the ‘Oxford’ Academy which is a partner in this activity,” – Džemaludin Paučinac, Director of this organisation, said.

While training for upholsters will soon be finished, training for sewers and dairy producers, organised based on similar analysis of the labour market needs, have begun only recently, in “Maxers” Company and dairies within “Pešter food” Agro Cluster, respectively.

“The same as in the case of upholsterers, 15 unemployed persons are learning all sewing operations while at the same time attending theoretical training in the Design School. For dairy product technologists, lectures by teachers and experts from Kraljevo and Pirot will be organised. They will be learning how to, in addition to traditional products such as yogurt, cheese and cream, also make Trappist or Kashkaval  cheese. In this way they will expand their product range and become more competitive on the market,” – Paučinac said.

Besides these activities which should immediately provide a job for the trainees, the Youth Office also organised the career counselling training and workshops for the students of the Design School in Novi Pazar who will find themselves on the labour market in a couple of years.

“In the preceding six months we have trained 16 members of this School’s student parliament who later set up peer teams for career guidance and counselling. They organised many workshops  through which almost all students of the Design School learnt how to write a CV and how to find information about university schools; they learnt about educational profiles that are searched after on the market and discussed the ideas for starting their own business,” – Paučinac said.

He hopes that this kind of training for Novi Pazar students of secondary schools will continue in the coming period and the Youth Office plans to  include further one or two educational institutions in the programme, in addition to the Design School.

The activities under the “From Education to Employment” Programme in Novi Pazar are supported by the Government of Switzerland with 72,000 francs.