Novi Pazar: Even though Novi Pazar is a city with high unemployment rate and almost 20 thousand people registered with employment agency, employers face great problem of lacking staff, and the situation is particularly difficult in industrial production.

Tigrin Kačar, owner of famous “Stig” company, which has been producing children’s clothes for more than three decades, said for E2E that it is increasingly harder to find workers, even though they offer a salary that is considered decent in the area and excellent work conditions.


– Our employees are getting older and older, they are approaching the retirement age. And young people do not want to work. We have tried everything. We have introduced dual education a long time ago, we had here the Design School students who came to do practical training. We offered to them a secure job as soon as they finish school, but only a few came. They all want to be lawyers, economists, managers. And so, hoping to get a clerical job, they wait for years in the employment service or move abroad to do hard physical jobs – Kačar highlighted.


He added that Novi Pazar always has vacancies in textile and construction industries, as well as in furniture and footwear production industries, that there is a deficit of sewers, waiters, chefs, welders, and drivers, and that, because of the scarcity of staff, more and more companies find it hard to maintain business and face extinguishment.


– Parents need to talk with their children, to tell them what the situation is, to direct them to the profiles which will soonest bring them employment. And the government needs to take action, to organise mandatory retraining programmes, to help the unemployed train for scarce profiles … not to let them wait in the employment agency while they receive benefits. That is costly for the state – concludes the owner of “Stig” company.


People in “Numanović” factory agree. Although in 2017 this factory got an award as a middle sized company creating most new jobs, it is increasingly harder for them to get good staff.


Financial Director Reihan Nicević said that they are always in deficit of staff, want to employ new people and do not need government employment subsidies or tax reliefs for job expenses, but that the situation is getting worse.


– Our problem is twofold. Firstly, young people refuse to work in factories. Secondly, the labour market does not have available profiles to work in our plants, namely there are not sewers, upholsterers, tailors, traders, and similar. All this is caused by poor education system; for years we have been producing ‘en mass’ the profiles for which there are no available jobs and nothing is being done to change this situation. For many years you have a huge number of, let’s say, economic technicians, registered in the employment service and you keep on producing them – that is what I can’t understand – Nicević said.


He believes that a reform of education system is urgently needed.


– Education system must be tailored to suit the requirements of the business sector. We need to be aware of which profiles are in deficit, and then school people for those profiles, regardless whether we are talking about secondary vocation schools or universities. The government needs to set the direction for each town and region, and then suitable measures should be taken – Nicević stressed