Novi Pazar: When, in the beginning of May, Semin Dolovac posted on Instagram a photo from the automotive tinsmithing workshop with a comment “I had a stroke of good luck, I am a luck child”, he could not even imagine how this line of a popular song precisely describes the current time of his life.

Now, four months after, this nineteen years old young man with developmental disabilities is bringing to a close his on-the-job training organized within the “Education to Employment” programme.  Once he completes the training, he has an excellent chance of being offered a job by the owner of this workshop.

They accepted me really well, both the workshop owner and other workers. I made every effort to learn the trade the best I could. I learned how to iron the tin, everything. And I am available here to do whatever I am asked to do. I hope that I will stay to work in this workshop. I love cars, and I have grown to love this job – Semin said, smiling.  He used a fee he was paid to go and visit a dentist.


That  Semin takes this job really seriously is confirmed by the fact that he has several sets of working clothes and that every day he appears at work in new, freshly washed and ironed overalls. His working clothes were a gift from his neighbors and friends who wanted to encourage him and mark his first day at work.


Everybody was happy when I started working.  It is really important to have a job today, to earn your own money. That gives you self-confidence and independence – this timid young man added.


With his impeccable conduct and assiduousness during the on-the-job training, Semin completely won over the workshop owner Nermin Hasanbegović and his staff. They do not have enough words to praise him.

– He is never late to work and often stays beyond working hours. He was quite withdrawn in the beginning but later he relaxed, built interest for this job and, having noticed that I urged him on by assigning him to some simpler tasks. He is a quick learner and never refuses to do anything. Even when we do not have much to do, he is not just sitting around but cleans the premises or puts the tools in order – Hasanbegović said.


He stressed that not many young people today decide to become automotive tinsmith and that good stuff is hard to find

– Semin should not worry about the job. If he wants to work and continue doing what he does now, he will always have a place in this workshop. He is now a member of our team and, should he wish to do so, he can stay until he retires in old age –Nermin Hasanbegović said.

Semin is one of twenty people with developmental disabilities from Novi Pazar who participated, within the “Education to Employment” project, in a programme aimed to increase their employability through the improvement of their professional and personal competencies.

The Programme, which the Swiss Government supported with 39 thousand CHF, was implemented by the Psychologists‘ Association.