Novi Pazar: Youth Office in Novi Pazar started to, within the “Education to Employment” programme, implement the workshop: “My plans for future: chances and possibilities”, intended for the students of the school for catering and tourism.


In their talks with the E2E, participants of the workshops said that it was for the first time in their educational process thus far that they encounter such activities and that finally they have a way and a person to share their ideas with and get advice from.



“Young people only rarely have the opportunity to openly talk about their plans for further education and their future. Workshops like these are something new for us; they are valuable because we have learnt many essential things. I can say without hesitation that we did not know the first thing about the labour market – that’s how uninformed we were,” Amina, who will finish her secondary school this year, said.



Rejhan shares her opinion. He believes that the information about the vocational profiles that are scarce on labour market and the situation on labour market were critical.



“The existence of the Career Centre provides an excellent opportunity to learn which jobs are in demand. Based on that information we can decide how to proceed, what to do after we finish secondary school. We also learnt something about dual  education. I find that concept to be interesting and I hope future generations will be educated based on that model. I believe that, in this way, they can learn more than we did, and that they will gain practical skills in particular,” this young man added.


Aleksandra Majstorović, a representative of the Youth Office and the mentor of these secondary school students, said that the workshop “My plans for future: chances and possibilities” covered all 3rd and 4th grade students of the school for catering and tourism.



“At the workshops we try to hear what are their wishes and plans for future, but we also try to talk openly about whether a specific university or secondary school would provide for a fast employment. We informed them about current situation on labour market, the conditions and the demand, about scarce vocational profiles, the skills and knowledge which are required and demanded and which would provide for a faster employment,” Majstorović said.


She once again announced the pending six-month training for young people in Novi Pazar who would like to become tourist guides – a scarce profile in a town which has a large number of cultural and historical monuments, an increasingly finer tourist offer, and more and more visits both by local and foreign visitors.


A huge interest in this training is shown by current and future students of the school for catering and tourism.


Text and photo: Nikola Kočović / Editor: Sandra Vlatković