Beograd: The Government of the Republic of Serbia decided to allocate more money from the budget to active employment policies in 2018. About 3.65 billion dinars will be allocated for these measures. The Minister of Labour Zoran Đorđević announced that the government will support the employment of less employable persons and improve the quality of workforce.

“We want to continue developing sound foundations for realistic and continuous increase of pensions,“ – Đorđevic said at the recently held Kopaonik Business Forum.

Minister Đorđevic announced the adoption of several new laws, the Law on Social Cards among them, which had been announced for many years.

“We have been waiting for the law on so-called welfare cards more than 20 years! We would like to emulate Denmark in this respect. This law is supposed to give us a complete picture of the real situation and thus enable us a more just allocation of social welfare benefits. This law is the sine qua non for the availability of accurate data about social and financial status and thus for being able to improve current situation. The room for abuse will be eliminated and the position of those in need of welfare benefits will be improved. This means the introduction of a mechanism for a more just allocation of benefits,” – Đorđević said.