Pirot: The JOB Info center of Pirot, a partner to the Education to Employment project, has a lot of work these days to help a company intending to launch a plant in Pirot, hire textile workers and conduct WBL training for the work in this company.
According to career adviser of Pirot based JOB Info center, the Makaron Moda company plans to open production plant and looks for 200 textile workers

„Due to its long-term experience and achieved results the Job info center has become recognized as a support to young people on their way to employment, as well as to employers who are ready to hire newly-trained workers. Our career counsellors are great help in filling out applications, writing CVs and motivational letters”, Mira Zlatkov of JOB Info center mentioned.

According to her, all people without experience in this profession wanting to be trained to work in textile industry, have a Meet the Professions service at their disposal.

„This service helps youngsters get the insight into the work conditions providing them information on necessary knowledge and skills they should acquire and develop. Career counsellors perform candidate preselection and entire administrative part of mobilizing available labour for employers, and based on a competency assessment they facilitate selection of new workers for employers”, napomenula je Mira Zlatkov.

She added that JOB info center is a bridge between the unemployed and employers matching properly needs of both sides through its services and makes a necessary support at the local level which contributes to labour market development and encourages market competition. Marko Cenić, the career counsellor explained how Job Info center assists companies in candidate preselection by using project developed tools (competency-based interviews, competency card and Basic check test).

„We are currently assisting Macaron Moda d.o.o.company in finding competent and qualified workers and planning the WBL trainings in collaboration with the company. Our data base is of great help to us, as by searching it we can select candidates that might become part of these trainings or would be interested in a job in textile industry”, Cenić said.


Colić: A plant set to open in March

“Macaron Moda d.o.o.“company has been operating in Velika Plana for years, and they plan to open a plant in Pirot in the former factory “Lola Sarlah“. It is a textile factory producing famous fashion brands such as “Lacoste“and“Moncler“. The investor plans to hire about 200 workers in the first phase, and about 100 more later. It has been planned to open the plant in March”, Miloš Colić, the deputy mayor of Pirot has recently announced and stressed that it is a contribution to unemployment reduction and encouragement to other investors to open plants and contribute to further development of this town.


“Macaron Moda d.o.o.“ company in collaboration with the JOB info center looks for textile workers.

A Turkish company “Macaron Moda d.o.o.“ operating in Velika Plana, launches its plant in Pirot. Job info center in collaboration with this company published a public call for employment of workers in textile industry such as textile engineers, ironing workers/pressers, sewing machine operators, warehouse workers and tailors. All interested persons can apply, including those who are already employed, the unemployed, without age limit, while experience is desirable but not necessary. In order to apply, please, fill out a form and bring a photo 4×5 cm. Trial production will start on 15 February, while the regular one is planned for 1 March, Marko Cenić of Job info center said.


Overtime hours and work exceeding norms is paid on the top of the salary. Working hours are 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The interested persons can apply by phone 010/501-820, via email: jobinfocentarpirot@gmail.com, or in person by coming to the Job info center at Bogojavljenska street no. 3, between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. or at the porter’s lodge of the former company ” Lola Sarlah” where Macaron Moda d.o.o. is to launch its plant.

Text and photos by: Job Info center’s archive, Zoran Panić / Edited by: Sandra Vlatković