Kruševac: The corona virus pandemic resulting in many activities being transferred into the online environment. The “Education to Employment” project followed suit. The tools previously developed for this kind of communication have been perfected and implemented, and there are numerous materials on the internet that young people will be able to use after the pandemic. Nevertheless, the impression a year later is that new ideas and ways to motivate the youth are needed, i.e., that everyone eagerly expects to return to the “living word” and real-world encounters.


“A week after the  state of emergency was declared, the Educational Centre adapted to new conditions by creating and implementing the “Education to Employment” campaign “Online is fine, what matters is that you are in TOK” said the communications co-ordinator in the Educational Centre which is implementing the “Education to Employment” project in Rasinski County.


“What we tried to do under this campaign is invite young people to restrain from making a break in their professional development. Numerous audio and video content of educational character followed, promoting examples of good practice and results achieved through this programme. It was an opportunity for us to practically apply all online tools about which we previously learnt and we applied them to a much greater extent and much more creatively than we did before the pandemic,” Tomić said.


The youth’s response, she said, was very good. It was a new, interesting experience for them. Bearing in mind, however, that all their activities during this period were shifted online, a dose of saturation was seen after a while and the “Education to Employment” project took the newly-arisen opportunity and returned to implementing their activities offline, primarily by combining the activities.

“The period of the end of summer and the beginning of autumn was marked by individual and group career guidance and counselling sessions. It was the time when  we took the opportunity to implement work-based learning programme, which was not possible to do in the previous period,” Ana Tomić briefly described the efforts that were made.


Placing different educational and promotional materials online in the situation of the pandemic proved to be a very positive experience. Young people have received content which might not have been prepared under normal circumstances, and whatever was published will continue to be available online.


“This includes “Your Career Guide,” video spots in which our career adviser, through a cycle of 15 video clips, leads young people through important steps. We have audio recordings, shows that we did for radio KRAK, two cycles of TOK (Let’s Talk About Career), sessions with the associates and participants of the “Education to Employment” project from the previous period. Since it was possible to organise real encounters live, we moved them to Radio KRAK. Thus came a series of REZON shows, in which we tried to better inform young people about a number of professions,” Kruševac’s Educational Centre’s communications co-ordinator said.


This confirms, she concluded, that a year after the beginning of the pandemic we should come up with the ways to offer to young people new, creative, innovative and interesting content should be considered, which could attract their attention in online environment.


Text and photo: Jelena Božović /  Edited by: Sandra Vlatković