Knjaževac: Before he came to ”Maki” car repair shop, Elvis Stojanović (25) did not know anything about the job of an automotive mechanic. Two months of diligent learning after, Elvis became good at tyre repairing but he is willing to learn other secrets of automotive mechanic job too. He said that he is happy to be able to provide for himself and his small family – wife and a daughter who had her second birthday this year in September.

“I heard that there are vacancies and I wanted to learn how to do this job. I have been working for two months already and I am more than happy both with the job itself and how I fitted in. I have only nice words for the shop owner, and even more so for my co-workers who helped me enormously. I would be happy to stay on there. Because I do need a job,” Elvis said.


The job is not hard to do if you do it lovingly – Elvis’s co-workers said. They said that they have seen how interested he was to learn everything there is to know about car servicing.


“’Elvis is working as a tyre repair at the moment, but we shall see what will happen in future. If he continues working here, we will teach him car mechanics and everything else. He is a good youth, very interested in the job”, his mentor Miljan Sotirović said.


‘”I love to work and do not find it hard to do anything. I hope that Elvis will fit in and that we will become good colleagues”, Milan Ranđelović, another worker in this car repair shop, said.


Working together with Timočki klub Citizens’ Association on the ”Education to Employment” Project, ”Maki” car repair shop opened its door to young people who want to acquire skills needed for this job which is among the ones in the highest demand. Not everybody fits in as well as Elvis, director Marija Milovanović said. He will be offered to stay on in the company after he completes his training.


‘”I am very happy Timočki klub chose our company. We had two candidates. One of them finished his training in August, and Elvis is finishing his training in September. We are really happy with him. We have vacancies for tyre repair jobs, and that job implies basic skills one has to have. We will make a proposal to him and, if he is ok with it, there is a possibility that he will stay on in our company’”, director of car repair shop said.


The story about this young man is one of those inspiring tales which show best what is happening in everyday life, when we join forces to increase employability of youth, particularly those hard-to-place ones; to help them find a business, public and civil sector.


In Knjaževac “Education to Employment“ programme supported the implementation of 4 on-the-job training projects with the participation of 197 unemployed people, all younger than 30.

Journalist: Ljiljana Pavlović / Edited by: Sandra Vlatković