Novi Pazar: A permanent job for 13 new upholsterera, sewera, technologista

The “Education to Employment“ programme helped 13 young people from Novi Pazar get permanent employment after theoretical and practical training for three scarce profiles the training for which was attended by the total of 54 trainees.


Training in Novi Pazar was organised for upholsterers, sewers, and technologists in dairy industry.


Jasmin Mujezinović, president of the Youth Club, one of the main implementing parties of the project, said that the objective of training was to impart to young people skills and knowledge which will help them to find a job but also to, in case of a large number of them, persuade them against leaving the country.


– Young people hardly ever opt for doing these jobs, regardless how well paid they might be, and prefer going abroad to work in construction industry or do similar, equally hard, jobs. That is why this year we devoted so much attention to career guidance and counselling, information about labour market, and notifying young people about calls and training programmes, Mujezinović said.


He added that newly-employed young men and women are absolutely happy for being offered the opportunity to work and earn a living, but that even other trainees are satisfied for they have gained knowledge and work experience which will, undoubtedly, enable them to find a job soon.



The interest for training organised within the “Education to Employment” programme were expressed by other businesses which are facing problems with shortage of staff despite the fact Pazar is ranked among the towns with higher unemployment rate in Serbia.


– Even during previous training we had representatives of other companies come and visit business who had our trainees, so as to enquire about the possibilities to be included in the programme. A new call for employers has just been announced and they can find all necessary information at the official website of the programme I hope that they will take this opportunity and that, with our help, they will organise training for the profiles they need and thus acquire young and qualified staff, Mujezinović said.


“Education to Employment” programme supported training for the profiles which are in deficit in Novi Pazar – training programme for sewers was completed by 24 young people and 27.5 thousand euro was provided for the implementation of this programme. Fifteen thousand euro was earmarked for the training of 15 new upholsterers, and further 15 young people were trained for technologists in dairy industry within a project worth 21 thousand euro.

Journalist: Nikola Kočović / Edited by Sandra Vlatkoviž