Knjaževac: During the last month, Timok Club, broker of the “Education to Employment” programme, organised the group career counselling for 155 young people from Knjaževac, Aleksinac, Svrljig, and Ražanj, while individual sessions and Basic Check test were organised with 23 and 35 young men and women, respectively.


Coronavirus pandemic changes many things, but the greatest changes were seen in the functioning of the educational system. Schools were forced to shift to online ‘distance’ education and thus extracurricular activities and ‘in person’ contact with teachers, pedagogues, and  career counsellors were absent.


When the measures were relaxed, Timok Club, broker of the “Education to Employment” programme, visited primary and secondary schools in South-Eastern Serbia and talked with young people about how to make their career choice.



“We had an extremely dynamic spring and the beginning of summer; we talked with a large number of primary school pupils and secondary school students in Knjaževac, Svrljig, Ražanj, Aleksinac. We made sure that, in the end of the schoolyear, young people are informed about the possibilities to continue their education. With secondary school leavers we discussed the higher education institutions existing in the country, and with primary school pupils we discussed the offer of secondary schools in their municipalities,” Timok Club practitioner Sanja Džakula said for our portal.


She believes that, in most cases, young people are very decisive with regard to what they want to do in life after they leave secondary schools.


“We tried to advise them to think hard and imagine themselves in the job they want to do, this decision being of vital importance for their future taking into account that they will be doing it for the next 40 years. They should also develop the skills they already have and adopt new ones, because nowadays nothing can be ‘settled’. They may finish one school, and then life can take them in quite another direction,” Džakula said.


In the premises of the Timok Club or in their own schools, young people were completing the Basic Check test through which they had the opportunity to check their knowledge and competences, as well as in what way they need to improve themselves so as to continue their education.


Text and photo: Ljiljana Pavlović / Edited by: Sandra Vlatković