Kruševac: “Breza” wood-processing company which has been active for more than 30 years and deals with the production of kitchen accessories made of wood, has decided to join the “Education to Employment” programme in order to train the workers in line with the needs of their production.


Breza is expanding its production volume and, in addition to eight people they currently employ, they need to employ one more person, a CNC operator.

“We employ young people in our company. We look to employ hardworking, honest people willing to learn through the work process. We try to have modern machines which anyone can operate, provided they receive proper training,  or no risk of injury is present,” Čedomir Vitkovac, head of production at the family firm which his wife and he inherited from her father, said.


He noted that they normally employ people who are recommended to them, and that the main requirement is that they are hardworking, interested, stable, that they are good people, which means they will be good workers.

“Previously we trained all the workers through the process of work, none of them did similar work before coming to Breza. That’s our established practice,”  Vitkovac said, noting that now, through the “Education to Employment” project, he  will train one more person.


It’s an opportunity to improve the training  process. Also, they are willing to offer the employment to the trainee who is to start training on 1 April, provided the trainee does well in the training.


“Breza” produces kitchen accessories made of wood. They make everything to do with wood and serving and cooking of food: boards and platters, rolling pin, meat tenderisers. Everything they make goes to export, currently the most to the Netherlands.


“Everyone fights for their place in the market, so do we. We have modern machines, modern lines, we try to work quality, make customers happy.

The firm is one of several that will train CNC operators in the Rasinski county as part of the ongoing call for Work-Based Learning (WBL),and is planned to be conducted in the firms “Milošević,” “Latifović” and “Bisal”.


Opportunity to learn  the ropes of their future job through work-based training will be offered to about 60  young people from the area. Training courses will also be held for the professions of locksmith/fitter, welder, waiter/bartender, and print operator.


Please note that in October last year, “Milošević”  company conducted training for 30 warehouse operators, 29 of whom have got a job subsequently.  


Text and photo: Jelena Božović /  Edited by: Sandra Vlatković