Novi Pazar: Martina Ilić, a young blogger from Novi Pazar, is one of 22 young people from this town who attend the “WordPress Academy” to acquire new and extend their existing skills and knowledge in website development and improvement.


Martina, co-author of “Liliputanke” blog, said that she is already involved in web design and online marketing as a layman, as well as that the training, organised by the Youth Office and Youth Club within the “Education to Employment” programme, will mean a lot to her.



“This training is a really good thing and I will sure acquire new skills which will help me improve the appearance of our blog and make it look more professional. I will no longer need to ask others to help me when I need to add or change something on the site. Besides, I see my career in the sphere of online internet marketing and whatever I learn in this training will help me operate at a higher level”, this young woman from Novi Pazar said.


Besides her, secondary school students Saida Šaćirović and Adnan Crnovršanin also learnt the basics of web design. They said that they had fallen in love with programming in primary school already.



“I decided on web programming because I believe that this profession is in high demand. I consider myself a beginner programmer and whatever I learn in this training will be useful for me in my further education as well as when I look for a job in future“, Adnan, 3rd grade student of Grammar School, said.


Saida goes to the Design School and she said that it is in that area that IT industry would play a key role in the coming years.



“Computers will be increasingly more used for modelling and design. I am designing already but I hope that, after I finish this training, I will be able to, on my own, create a website in which I will present my creations”, Saida said.


IT sector is seeing expansion in Novi Pazar and all over Serbia and the latest research made by the Youth Office reveal that this town does not have sufficient number of professional to meet the needs of employers.



“There are not enough of them now and in future they will be in even higher demand. That is why we decided to organise this training which raised a huge interest. Its duration will be four weeks and afterwards we will organise another one on a similar topic”, Aleksandra Majstorović  from the Youth Office announced.


“Education to Employment” programme in Novi Pazar supported practical and theoretical training for three scarce profiles – upholsterer, dairy technologist, and, besides, career counselling for secondary school students was organised.


The Swiss Government allocated 63,000 euro for the implementation of these activities.


Journalist:  Nikola Kočević / Edited by: Sandra Vlatković