Knjaževac: Talks with career practitioners, the career quiz, competency cards, and the Basic Check, are only some of the tools which the “Education to Employment” programme offers to young people to help them make decisions regarding their future profession.


A modern online platform called Basic Check test has been on offer since last year. It was designed by Swiss experts and it was customised to suit our environment. This test offers its users an opportunity to check their general and specific cognitive competences.


It was the Basic Check test that showed to seventeen-years-old Deana Simić, a 3rd grade student of Knjaževac gymnasium, that psychology studies are the way to go after she finished the gymnasium.


“Interestingly, I heard for the Basic Check test from my mom.  Namely, she knows that I like this kind of checks, tests, psycho–tests, and thought this to be the right thing for me. She was not wrong. The test is very interesting and exciting and the time allowed for its completion flies by. I believe that I managed quite well, just as I have expected, when mathematic is concerned. The test confirmed that the university school I want to enrol is the right thing for me. And I am talking about psychology here,” Deana told us about her experience.



She added that, despite the deeply-rooted misconception that young people do not think a lot about their future, young men and women from her school feel quite positive about the direction they want to take after they finish their secondary school. The teachers also help them create their future by talking with them and referring them to extracurricular lessons in those areas for which they have shown affinity.


Career practitioner Sanja Džakula said that the students of Knjaževac gymnasium had the best results at the Basic Check test.


“In most cases, the gymnasium students’ results coincided with the university studies they wanted to pursue. Many of them had excellent results in all the areas covered by the test, which means that, in principle, they can choose whichever studies they want,” Džakula said.


Text and photo: Ljiljana Pavlović / Edited by: Sandra Vlatković