Novi Pazar:  Enis Numanović from Novi Pazar is 27. He is married and in a couple of months he will become a father. He has finished Technical School and, after almost a decade of waiting for a job at the unemployment bureau, he finally got a job which guarantees a stable and regular income with which he will be able to support his family.
He is one of 12 unemployed people who attended, within the “Education to Employment” programme”, a 3-month training for upholsterers in “Numanović” furniture factory in Novi Pazar.

An important step in life

This is what Enis said about the days spent on the training:

“Training went absolutely well and I have successfully learnt all the operations and adopted the upholsterer’s skills; the management was satisfied with how I was doing and I was offered a permanent job. I am happy with the conditions here. After so many years of waiting I finally have a secure source of income. This job means a world to me since my wife is unemployed”, Enis said and added, with a smile, that he is not a blood relative of the owners of “Numanović” company.

Eight trainees successfully completed theoretical and practical part of the training and were awarded certificates. Besides Enis, three more trainees established employment in this company and others are discussing the conditions of their employment with its management.

Cooperation with the best ones

“Numanović” furniture factory has been operating for 25 years already. It is one of the best factories in Serbia in the production of upholstered furniture. At the moment it employs about 200 people but its employment trend is growing.

“Last year we were declared the medium-sized company which employed the largest number of unemployed persons registered with the National Employment Service, and this without any government subsidies or tax or other reliefs. All newly-created jobs greatly contribute to the improvement of economic and social situation in Novi Pazar and the entire region”, financial director of the company Reihan Nicević said.

There can be no progress without skilled staff

Demand for “Numanović” furniture is growing in Serbia and in the surrounding countries, as well as beyond the region, in Europe. In order to satisfy the increasingly larger orders, the company is continually searching for skilled, quality staff who, in the opinion of Nicević, are simply lacking in the local labour market.
blockquote>“Currently there are not enough skilled people on labour market who could work in our factory, regardless whether we are speaking about sewers, upholsterers, carpenters, tailors, or managers and traders. For this reason, the authorities need to think about the educational reform and have the educational system adjusted to the needs of business sector. The direction of development needs to be known”, Nicević said and added that programmes such as “Education to Employment” are a good way for them to get the staff they need.

“Education to Employment” – Novi Pazar:

In Novi Pazar, “Education to Employment” programme supported, from its “Opportunity“ Fund, the implementation of three on-the-job training projects for the total of 54 unemployed people younger than 30, for the profiles of dairy technologist, upholsterer, and denim tailor.

The training for denim tailor programme will be attended by 24 young people, and 31 thousand CHF were provided for its implementation. The amount of 17 thousand CHF was allocated for the training of 15 new upholsterers, and further 15 young people will be trained for dairy technologists in a project worth 23.5 thousand CHF.

Separate funds were earmarked for the project of improving the employability of young people with developmental disability. Approximately 39 thousand was invested in it and it will directly benefit 20 young people from Novi Pazar with developmental disability. The funds for the implementation of these projects were provided from a donation of the Swiss Government.

The local partner of “Education to Employment” programme in Novi Pazar is the Novi Pazar Youth Office.

“Education to Employment” – Serbia:

In the first cycle of on-the-job training, the total of 22 on-the-job training projects were attended by about 350 young people, and assistance in finding a job was provided to further 350 unemployed, younger than 30, from the so-called less employable young populations – women victims of domestic violence, youth without parental care, rural youth, inmates of correctional homes, youth with developmental disability, and the Roma.

For the implementation of 22 on-the-job training projects and for as many vocational profiles which local businessmen in the five pilot communities (Kragujevac, Kruševac, Knjaževac, Novi Pazar, and Pirot) identified as being scarce, the Swiss Government allocated approx. 450 thousand CHF in the first cycle of its “Opportunity” Fund.

Further 194 thousand CHF was allocated for the six programmes supporting the employment of less employable young populations, and additional 155 thousand CHF was earmarked for the implementation of the nine projects testing the innovative models of employment in Serbia.

The testing of new methods of employment takes place under the supervision of the Government of the Republic of Serbia’s Team for Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction. It is implemented in eight local communities– Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Rača, Pirot, Paraćin, Užice, and Sombor.

Novinar: Nikola Kočović / Uredio: Tibor Jona

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