Pirot: Information useful for future career choice

Representatives of Pirot JOB Info Centre organised workshops for eighth-graders attending primary schools in Pirot County. In this way pupils were provided information they need for their ensuing enrolment in secondary schools. One of these workshops was organised for eighth-graders of ”Dušan Radović” primary school in Pirot.

– I plan to go to Economics School in Pirot, department for financial administrators. I like that department. I came to this workshop to get more information about the profiles offered by secondary schools – Sara Pejčić, eighth-grader in”Dušan Radović” primary school in Pirot, said.



Danilo Antić, who attends the same school, would like to go to Technical School, department for drivers of motor vehicles.

– I like driving, but these workshops help us a lot to choose future career that is right for us and provide suitable professional orientation – Danilo said.

Nemanja Pavlović also wants to enrol Technical School, department for electrical technicians.

– I like this department. I made some enquiries about the subjects and the department I would like attend. This workshop and the presentation were really invaluable for that very reason –Nemanja said.

Purpose of these workshops is to ensure that pupils receive sufficient information to be able to properly choose a career that best matches their affinities and capacities.

Career counsellor in JOB Info Centre Marko Cenić said that pupils attending the workshops are informed about who and how can help them choose a career that is the closest match to their affinities and desires.

– There is also an interests-quiz at our website. We help them make the right decision and enrol secondary school they want. We try to encourage them to think things through, to timely ponder what they will do after they finish primary school; we try to explain to them what is a gymnasium and what are other secondary vocational schools and art schools, what departments there are and what educational profiles are on offer. We have prepared and made available for them the Guide for Prospective Secondary School Students, as well as the information about what is in demand on labour market – Cenić said.



Pupils of final year and their parents will be provided all necessary information about enrolment opportunities.

– These information are very important for pupils in final year of school. JOB Info Centre is helping us help these young people to choose a secondary school and a profession in accordance with their affinities, capacity, and desires. This workshop is one of many that we will organise for eighth- grade pupils. We hope that similar workshops will be organised for seventh-graders as well – psychologist in “Dušan Radović” primary school Jovana Krasić said.

JOB Info Centre says that these workshops which are a part of the “Education to Employment” project will be organised for all primary school pupils in Pirot County schools.

Text and photo: Zoran Panić / Edited by: Sandra Vlatković