Pirot: Luminica Petrović, the owner of  “Luminica” beauty shop and one of the most well-known beauticians in Pirot – a woman whose beauty salon is much frequented, told E2E about her impressions from the training organised for young Roma women for a beautician job.

In cooperation with “Ternipe” association from Pirot and with the support of our programme, Luminica helped young Roma women who have no school education or have only primary school education to learn the basics of the beautician job and thus allowed them to take a glimpse into this lucrative occupation.

This is what Luminica said about the girls and the training in which she was their mentor:

“I will be really sad when the training ends“

I am really pleasantly surprised. I have been doing this job for 15 years and I never had a better group. It is obvious that these girls are interested in the job. They are hard-working, adept, pedantic… it is as if only the most worthy among them came to my salon to learn to become beauticians.

My daughter Dragana, who is a medical doctor, gave them introductory lessons about anatomy, muscles, the role of skin and bones – about everything they need to know in the area of medicine that is relevant for our job.

But practical work was the most interesting; they carefully watched every move I made. They told me afterwards that those two hours when I showed them a facial on a model, in a real-life situation, simply flew by. When we went through all the elements of a facial I told them to invite their cousins or friends so that they can do them a facial for free, as an in vivo exercise. They did absolutely fine as beauticians!

We created a very good atmosphere, a mutual trust. We easily reached agreement about everything that was important and both I and they will be sad when this training finishes”.


“Education to Employment” – Serbia:

In the first cycle of on-the-job training, the total of 22 on-the-job training projects were attended by about 350 young people, and assistance in finding a job was provided to further 350 unemployed, younger than 30, from the so-called less employable young populations – women victims of domestic violence, youth without parental care, rural youth, inmates of correctional homes, youth with developmental disability, and the Roma.

For the implementation of 22 on-the-job training projects and for as many vocational profiles which local businessmen in the five pilot communities (Kragujevac, Kruševac, Knjaževac, Novi Pazar, and Pirot) identified as being scarce, the Swiss Government allocated approx. 450 thousand CHF in the first cycle of its “Opportunity” Fund.

Further 194 thousand CHF was allocated for the six programmes supporting the employment of less employable young populations, and additional 155 thousand CHF was earmarked for the implementation of the nine projects testing the innovative models of employment in Serbia.

The testing of new methods of employment takes place under the supervision of the Government of the Republic of Serbia’s Team for Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction. It is implemented in eight local communities– Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Rača, Pirot, Paraćin, Užice, and Sombor.