E2E story – Jobs for four trainees

E2E story – Jobs for four trainees

Novi Pazar: All who attended the training for children’s personal escorts, which is implemented within the “Education to Employment” programme by Ivanjica’s Cerebral Palsy Society, have finished it successfully and four of them started to work.


This is the first job for Jasmina Luković and, as she said, she is really thankful to be given this opportunity to gain new knowledge which made it possible for her to get employment and secure her income.


I am only too happy. It means a lot to me that I work. There is a child with developmental disabilities in my immediate family and, ever since she was born, I have been in direct contact and wanted to learn how to help the children like that. The training was wonderful. I learnt new things and now I am working with an autistic child. I am doing my best, I am using everything that I learnt during the training, I know how to help, how to conduct myself, I am aware what this child can do and what he cannot do and what actions I should take”, Jasmina said.




Further 16 trainees have finished the training and the Society’s development specialist and their mentor Sanja Lišanin said that it was easy to work with them since they were eager to learn and gain the skills which a children’s personal assistant needs to possess.


Everything went really well, except we had some difficulties because of the epidemic. The trainees are now familiar with working with children with developmental disabilities, they are familiar with the legislation relevant for social welfare and educational work. They also learnt the techniques for working with children, how to prepare them for work and how the process of their education develops”, she said.


They learnt different skills, how to treat those children, how to communicate with them and how to keep documentation.


We were always there for them, providing them with the guidelines, and they did really well”, Lišanin said.


Immediately after they finished the training, four of them got employment in the Society and, according to the president of this institution  Svetlana Glavinić, it may be expected that the remaining 13 of them will soon get a job.


We only needed that many of them at the time, but there will be opportunities for others because this is a specific profession – the fluctuation is very pronounced. Many teachers work as personal escorts but, when the opportunity arrives they leave to work in their profession. Of course, everything depends a lot on the needs of our users“, she explained.


Glavinić added that the Society she is leading was among the first in Serbia to introduce the services of a personal escort for children with development disabilities, and that currently they engage about 200 persons who work in many towns throughout Serbia.


Training for children’s personal escorts, a scarce and a humanitarian profession, was within the programme financially supported by the Swiss Government previously organised also in Novi Pazar.


Besides, WBL programme was organised for waiters, sewers, dairy technologists, upholsterers, and dozens of job seekers from this part of Serbia participated.



Text and photo: Nikola Kočović / Edited by: Sandra Vlatković

E2E story – STAX employed the CNC operators

E2E story – STAX employed the CNC operators

Čačak: The youth belonging to the second generation of eduSTAX training got employment in “STAX Technologies d.o.o“ company from Čačak in which they were acquiring, under the “Education to Employment” project, the skills and knowledge required for the profession of CNC machine operator.


Nemanja Milutinović (27) and 25-year-old Rajko Stanić, both from Guča, are among the seven people who got employment. They are both satisfied with the job, atmosphere at the workplace, and the work condition in STAX company.



How what was hard became easy


Employment in the company came to Nemanja as a well-deserved reward for his hard work and the knowledge he acquired at the six-month training. He is now doing the job of a CNC operator on a state-of-the-art machine in the plant of the company which makes packing machines. This is Nemanja’s first employment after he graduated from the High School in Čačak, department electrical and computer engineering.


“This is my first employment and it means the world to me. When I got my first pay I was really happy. The pay level matters, naturally, but work conditions and the atmosphere prevailing among the co-workers matter as well. And I have it all in STAX company in which I have been working for about four months“, Nemanja said.




After he finished school, he decided to apply for training for CNC operator under the Education to Employment programme even though it is outside his profession. He said that, in all honesty, he found the training quite hard in the very beginning.


“For the first 15-20 days I was thinking that this is not for me and that will not be able to finish it successfully. Particularly, I had a dilemma while the theoretical part was going on. I had no knowledge about this matter before. However, it was that theory that helped me gain machine engeneering knowledge that I did not have before“, Nemanja said.


He added that everything fell into place when he started practical training on the machines, in the production.


“All the time I had a mentor Miloš Ćeriman who had finished this training as well but is now mentoring new trainees, and i can say that he is the best“, Nemanja said.


With the professional support of his mentor, whatever was hard for Nemanja during the theoretical training, became ‘much easier’ in the theoretical part.


He said that the mentor made all efforts to transfer to the trainees the essential knowledge, i.e., everything they need to be able to work independently on the CNC machine.


Nemanja is satisfied with the progress he made and he gave himself the mark ‘quite good’.


“The training was nothing like my formal education, except for programming. But I quickly understood how everything is functioning and I managed quite well“ Nemanja  described his participation in the training in STAX.


He added that everything is much easier for him now. He is working independently and more and more pieces ‘pass through his hands’.


“In the beginning it seemed to me that I will not be able to do it on my own, particularly when I saw how fast other workers are working. However, I realised that practice is everything, I am getting better and better and I know more and more“, Nemanja said.


His first job means financial independence for Nemanja, and a source of joy for his parents.


“Parents are happy and mom always wanted me to leave the rural area because there are no prospects there”, Nemanja said and added that over weekends he will continue to help them with their raspberry business.



Independence and self-confidence


Rajko graduated production machine engineering at the High School two and a half years ago. He said there were no suitable jobs in his profession and so for more than a year he worked in a warehouse maintaining the machines.


“I finished the secondary machine engineering school, and I graduated the same subject at the High School in Čačak. I therefore had some basic knowledge before I came to the training. It was not that hard for me. I already knew the theory and I was looking forward to the more interesting part – the practical training on the machines. I learnt the most from my mentor while I worked on the machine and the simulators“, Rajko said.



He had thought before that the job of a CNC operator is much harder and much more complex and, just like Nemanja, he was not sure whether he will be able to do it.


“However, when I started I saw that it is nothing to be afraid of and that everything can be learnt. I am satisfied with the training and I am sure that I will continue to develop professionally on the job“, Rajko said.


Rajko remembers the moment when three and a half months ago he was ready to work independently on the CNC machine, namely to carry out the work tasks without asking the mentor for help.


“You feel proud when you hold a finished piece in your hands, knowing that you have made it on your own, without being helped by anybody“, Rajko said.


He said that his job gives him self-confidence and independence, that he can now afford things for himself and not depend on parents.


“My folks are glad that I got a job in STAX because that company has good reputation“, Rajko stressed.


He added that if he did not come to this training, he would probably continue his ‘donkeywork’ in the warehouse in which he used to work.


“I am ready to go on working and improving myself, because I perfectly fitted in this area and I like it. I do not find a problem with learning even more and ensure that my knowledge level is even higher. It depends on my hard work weather I will move up in the company“,  Rajko feels positive.


He said that he would recommend this training to youth and that he is currently persuading his brother to enter the next cycle of the Education to Employment training.


“It is surely worth recommending because it provides opportunity for systematic training. After school,  for young people who need to find a job,  this is a perfect opportunity since the training is professional and, what’s more, it is paid“, Rajko said.



Through training to the staff they need


HR Manager in “STAX Technologies“ Mladen Mojsilović said for our website that this company have so far trained two groups of young people for CNC operators under the E2E programme.


The results are great. This is our best group of trainees for CNC operators so far. There were 13 trainees in this group and seven of them got employment in our company. In the previous cycle we trained nine people and employed six of them. We plan to start training for a new group of young people in the beginning of October“, Mladen said.


He stressed that training is “definitely the only way to come to suitable workers in accordance with the requirements of a specific job. The company also has great expectations from the introduction of dual education and they said that soon their training will be ‘double-track’“.


His assessment is that, considering that the labour market currently lacks suitable profiles, training is definitely the future.


Text and photo: Gordana Mirović / Edited by: Sandra Vlatković

E2E story – In three months to a new profession

E2E story – In three months to a new profession

Kruševac: Within the “Education to Employment” project, five trainees are undergoing a three-month training for auxiliary  CNC operators in “Milošević” doo company in Kruševac. They will be learning how to do this job for three months through several modules which combine theory and practice, with the last month and a half being devoted exclusively to practical work.


Those who were formally educated in this profession have theoretical knowledge, but other trainees carefully watch and try to fit in. I can say that all trainees are meeting our expectations. Those who are interested in a certain job can achieve their goal; they can learn; and our trainees are very eager and they manage very well”, their mentor Ivan Matić said. He is a CNC operator on the CNC machines for iron and sheet metal cutting in “Milošević” doo company.




Theoretical and practical training involves, among other things, reading of technical drawings,  coordinating the machine and the panel that needs to be cut, preparing for the cutting process. A  part of the theoretical training is devoted to the processing centres and tools. The practical training is about learning how to, for example, make a semi-finished part that is produced on-site, and then do the new part making and modelling.


We talked with Mihajlo, Stefan, and Nikola who are training in “Milošević” doo company to become CNC operators. Their training will last three months and it will involve several modules which combine theory and practice, with the last month and a half being exclusively devoted to practical work. Even though this is not their main profession, their mentor’s assessment is that they are doing well in this job.


Mihajlo Milovanović (17) finished the First Technical School in Kruševac, department for HVAC technicians. He applied for this training because he would like to start working and failed to find a job in his profession.




This opportunity came up and I decided to try it out. I prefer the profession for which I went to school but this is good, too. It is important that I have a job; I will see what combination is the best. Here in this training, I learn how to first draw on the computer and then how to send the drawing to the machine, and then we cut”, Mihajlo said, stressing that he manages to keep track and that, in addition to the mentor, he also receives help from his co-workers.


Stefan Dimitrievski (28) also hopes that training for working with CNC machine will help him find a job.



“I finished the Chemical School, department for printing technicians. I have worked in three different companies; I do have work experience. That was something completely different, however. I have worked in my profession for three months, but that company closed down. Regrettably, there are no jobs in my profession.  This is something new, I did something similar on a milling machine. I have always been interested in machines and this will, hopefully, make it possible for me to find a job more easily. The more you learn and the more you know, the easier it would be for you to find a job”, Stefan is convinced.


Even though this is something completely new for him, Nikola Ćirić (32), who have finished food department in the Chemical School, feels positive that he will be successful:




I have worked in several companies so far, but mostly it was not in my profession. When I heard from a friend  about this call, I applied right away. This is what I have been interested in forever, but it is also completely new to me. I like it more than anything I did before; I see myself in such a job in future and I expect to be offered employment. That would mean a world to me.”


Sanja Nikolić from the Kruševac Educational Centre, in charge of implementing the WBL programme within this project, explained that the training has six modules.



“First two are zero-modules; we learnt theory and there were no practical parts. Then followed three combined modules: theory and practice. The sixth and the last module is practical training, working on the machine. It lasts almost a month and a half. The total duration of the training is three months, or 480 working hours out of which 16 days are devoted to theory and all the rest is practice”, Nikolić said.



Text and photo: Jelena Božović / Edited by: Sandra Vlatković

E2E story – Welders are in high demand

E2E story – Welders are in high demand

Knjaževac: The Timok Club, a broker of the “Education to Employment” programme, made a public call intended for young job seekers who want to undergo the training for welders in DMV company in Niš.


Training for welders will take place in DMV company in Niš which ever since 2002 has been very successfully producing and selling traffic signalisation on both domestic and international markets. The company has about four thousand square meters of production facilities and three thousand square meters of the open space in which they install all technological components for the production of LED screens. These include fully-equipped divisions; mechanical, electronical, ready for testing and installation; as well as hardware and software development units.


The company introduced ISO9001 quality standard, while most of their products has CE sign and traffic signs are made in accordance with EN12966 standard.


DMV Niš is exporting their products to 80 countries all over the world.


Timok Club is satisfied with the new partner of the “Education to Employment” programme and they underline that, provided the training goes as everybody expects it to go, these trainees will be the first welders to get a job, even though theirs is the profession most demanded in metal industry.


The details of the public call are available on the Timok Club website (www.timok.org) and the application form can be downloaded from this website, too. All who have no access to Internet may come in person to Timok Club, at the address: Trg oslobođenja 1, Knjaževac.



Text and photo: Ljiljana Pavlović / Edited by: Sandra Vlatković

E2E story – Juice and cakes from every pay

E2E story – Juice and cakes from every pay

Knjaževac: What is the outlook for youth with developmental disabilities and does the society recognise their presence in the employment process?  Probably the best answer to these questions were obtained in Dis Todorović Company in Ražanj in which, after completing the training, twenty-six-year-old Milan Miletić found a job.


Milan has finished “Carica Jelena“ secondary school in Niš. He went to school to become a locksmith and then he was involved in some public works together with his father, and then his life took him in the quite opposite direction. Thanks to the “Education to Employment” programme, he got the opportunity to become an auxiliary dairy production operator in Dis Todorović company in Ražanj. He has successfully completed the two-month training and for five months already he has been doing very well in the production plants of the factory which makes a wide range of dairy products.




“Training is not very hard but I felt nervous in the beginning“, this perpetually smiling youth admitted, adding that he relied on the help from his senior co-workers.


“You need to work hard, but the pay is good and supervisors are fair“,  Milan said.


Marika Todorović, the owner of  Dis Todorović dairy said that older workers have accepted Milan really well and that Milan goes around all the time boasting about his new job.


“When he gets paid, he brings juice and cookies for his co-workers and there is no way we can persuade him not to do it“, she said.


Dis Todorović company highlights that the “Education to Employment” programme is exceptional and they hope to continue their cooperation with Timok Club, a broker of this programme for the territory of South-Eastern Serbia.



Text and photo: Ljiljana Pavlović / Edited by: Sandra Vlatković

E2E story – A versatile job offer and the possibility of career counselling

E2E story – A versatile job offer and the possibility of career counselling

Pirot: Job Info centre in Pirot, a partner in the “Education to Employment” project,  continued its group career counselling sessions in schools, in accordance with the epidemiological situation, as well as with on-the-job training for youth.


Career counsellor Marko Cenić said that they have recently organised a career counselling session in the Economic School in Pirot.




“We talked with the students of this school about the options they gave after they finish school, about active search for a job, offer and demand, and about the options which Job info centre offers to youth“, Cenić said adding that more than 20 students of the 4th year in this school attended this info session.


According to him, the plan is the same as before: to hold such career counselling sessions in all Pirot schools.


“Info sessions are adjusted to the epidemiological situation. We will therefore not be able to conduct the career counselling sessions which we plan to have in the schools in Niš in direct contact with the students, considering that the school is now online in that town”, Cenić said.



He stressed that, as long as the COVID-19 pandemic is present, all info sessions will be adjusted to suit the stipulated and recommended protection measures.


Mira Zlatkov, which is the Job Info centre’s person in charge of WBL programme implementation, noted that training for several different professions is now in process.


“Training for the sellers of ready meals in the “Hipoposlovi doo“ company in Pirot is now going on. This two-month training is attended by two young women with one woman mentoring them. Also, three persons are currently undergoing training for auxiliary construction workers in “Napredak“ company in Pirot. These candidates have a mentor who have undergone training for mentors. The training will be going on until end of October”, Mira Zlatkov said.


On 1 September, training for the profession of welder started in “Resor d.o.o.“ company in Gadžin Han and training for the profession of auxiliary CNC operator started in “Okar hidraulik“ company in Niš.


Zlatkov also noted that different activities are being implemented though the “Education to Employment” programme and that work-based learning (WBL) is one of them.



“ZIP centre is experienced in organising training courses like these. Namely, in the last five years we have been using the same method to interconnect the employers and the unemployed through the  “Education to Employment” project. At this moment, we are implementing several projects relating to employment and supporting the entrepreneurship”, Mira Zlatkov said.



A call for employers is always open


“A call for employers, with regard to the work-based learning programmes, is open throughout a year. Until the end of September a call will be open for all employers who want to get involved and reach young people who will undergo the training and, later on, provide the required staff for the company”, Zlatkov said.


The Local Employment Action Plan envisages the work-based learning programmes which the City of Pirot is organising together with the ZIP centre. There was a competition process and seven employers were chosen, and the training will be attended by 10 trainees. The training started with five employers who are involved in this programme and the call is still open for two candidates for the training for waiters. The duration of this training will be two months, and the trainees will get monetary allowance throughout its duration.


Text: Zoran Panić / Edited by: Sandra Vlatković

Photo: ZP and archive of the JOB info centre