E2E story – A wide palette of professions

E2E story – A wide palette of professions

Pirot: The training for five trainees for the profession of a CNC operator in textile industry started in “Lisca“ company in Babušnica in the beginning of June. Now underway is theoretical training for the profession of a seller of consumer goods in “Marmil“ company in Pirot, which is attended by ten young persons.


According to the JOB Info Centre, partner in the “Education to Employment” programme, after the theoretical training in “Marmil“ company, practical training in the duration of two months will follow.




Before this training, young people learnt about and trained for the professions of a personal escort and a warehouse worker.


This week one further profession will be added to the palette of professions.


Additionally, Job info centre published, within this programme, a public call for the profession of a construction worker. On-the-job training will take place in “Napredak d.o.o“ company in Pirot in which three young people will have opportunity to, theoretically and practically, learn about this profession.


“Through the field-work, the trainees for this profession will acquire the skills and knowledge they need to do this job. With the support of experienced mentors from the company, the trainees will learn how to do wall-painting jobs, erect dividing walls, make the floating ceiling, prepare the mixture and paint and coat the walls with them, as well as how to set and use the devices and tools which are used for preparing the walls and ceilings,“ Mira Zlatkov from Job Info centre said.


The same as it was for all our previous WBL courses, the trainees received allowance for the duration of the training and the best trainees also got an employment opportunity.


“Eligible to participate in this public call for the profession of auxiliary construction worker are all unemployed persons who are 18 – 30 years old, or younger than 35 if they belong to a vulnerable population. This includes young women, long-term unemployed, rural youth who live at a distance of more than 20 kilometres from the place of training, youth with disability, single parents, members of Roma ethnic group, former convicts, asylum seekers, recipients of monetary welfare benefits, youth without skills or with low skills,“ Zlatkov specified.





The Job Info centre invites all who are interested in the training for this profession to apply via phone no 010/501-820 every business day from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., or e-mail:  jobinfocentarpirot@gmail.com, or in person, either at Job info Centre, in Pirot, 3 Bogojavljenska Street No 3, or in the Company, in Pirot, 1 Paje Jovanovića Street.



Further two programmes have been approved


“We were approved further two training programmes, in Niš and in Gadžin Han. Six trainees will undergo training for the profession of an optical production operator in “Photon optronics“ in Niš and six trainees will be trained for the profession of a welder in “Resor d.o.o.“ company in Gadžin Han,” Mira Zlatkov said.



Text and photo: Zoran Panić / Edited by: Sandra Vlatković

Photo: Z.Panić and the archive of Job Info centre