E2E story –  through schooling to knowledge, “Education to Employment” project

E2E story – through schooling to knowledge, “Education to Employment” project

Pirot: Job Info Centre in Pirot organises career counselling for pupils in Pirot County.


The Pirot Job Info Centre’s career counsellors do not do counselling and education only in their offices but also in the classrooms of primary schools in Pirot County. A career counsellor of this Centre Marko Cenić said that this is one of the most important components of the “Education to Employment” project whose partner is the Pirot Job Info Centre.


„We talk with the eighth-graders about many different topics relating to their educational path: how to choose a secondary school, which secondary school corresponds with their inclinations, who can counsel them in this regard, with whom they can talk, where they can get help. And they certainly can do the tests. They can also come individually, with their parents, so that we can help them through online and other tests, talk with them, do some further tests – all this to help them decide on a suitable secondary school“, Cenić said.


Career counselling has been finished in the “Dušan Radović“ primary school in Pirot.


„It would be most useful for me to choose a school by myself, following what I want to do“, Jana Jelenković, an eighth-grade pupil of OŠ “Dušan Radović”, said.



Her peers Predrag Branković and Minja Penčić also confirmed that counselling meant a lot.


„It was good. They helped me decide on the right school“, Predrag stressed.


Minja told us that in the beginning she had a dilemma about deciding on one specific school.


„Lectures given by career counsellors helped me a lot to be certain that the school on which I decided is the right choice for me and that it will serve me well later on, when I want to go to university“, Minja said.


The Job Info Centre’s counsellors say that eighth-graders are most interested to hear what educational profiles exist and underline that they have excellent cooperation with all the schools.


That the cooperation was good confirmed the Headmaster of “Dušan Radović” primary school in Pirot, Nataša Branković. Besides in the central office, counselling was also organised in the Temska village outlet.



„Everything connected with the counselling of pupils, and particularly career counselling, is a good move. Pupils are choosing their future; namely, they decide on what they are going to do in future, which is really important. A person should do what they love and needs to love what they do. We have been having a good cooperation with the Job Centre both in the current year and in the previous period“, Branković said.


Marko Cenić believes that it is important to encourage pupils to think about their future profession.


„We advocate that career counselling and guidance start from the early age, from the fifth or sixth grade of primary school, since pupils need to be encouraged to think about what they will do in life. We always advise them not to choose a school chosen by their mates but to choose the one they like. They are young, they are not even 15 yet, but they need to start thinking about what is going to be their life’s work, what professions will be in demand, what are their affinities, and about other challenges they face when they are selecting their future occupation“, Cenić said.


Career counselling for secondary school students


Career counselling continues in the secondary schools of this County. In the Economic and Dairy Technology School in Pirot and in schools in Babušnica. Secondary school students are provided information about how to write a CV, a motivational letter, or how they should dress and prepare themselves for the interview with the employer.


„In the coming period Pirot Job Info Centre will also implement career counselling with students in Niš. Activities throughout the territory of Nišava County are planned“, Cenić said.


Text: Zoran Panić / Edited by: Sandra Vlatković


Photo: archive of the Job Info Centre