E2E story – Career counselling now also for secondary school students in Ćuprija

E2E story – Career counselling now also for secondary school students in Ćuprija

Novi Pazar: From the beginning of the new schoolyear, secondary school students in Ćuprija  will have opportunity to receive valuable advice about how to continue their education and choose their future career – that is what was agreed at the meeting between the representatives of local self-government in this Municipality and the Novi Pazar Psychologists’ Association.


For several years already this Association has been providing, within the “Education to Employment” programme, this service to secondary school students and young residents of Novi Pazar. And the results were remarkable.


That is exactly why, as well as based on the research made a couple of months ago which showed that young people of Ćuprija lack support when looking for a job, leaders of this local self-government unit asked for the help of this Association’s psychologists and career counsellors.


“We do not have sufficient trained staff, or specifically peer educators, who would implement activities with youth. Also, there is an actual need that young people to become more active and to be given concrete support in making decisions relating to their choosing their profession, continuing their education or finding a job,” the representatives of the Municipality of Ćuprija said at the meeting with Novi Pazar psychologists.


There are three secondary schools in Ćuprija: Medical School, Technical School, and Gymnasium. The number of their students is about 1,000.


An interesting example comes from the Technical School which has several dual education profiles that are attended by only nine students instead 60 of them as it was originally planned.


“The reason for this is that children listen to their parents and respect their wishes and thus go to schools which are not compatible with their interests. That is why young people need to be informed about options they have to develop their career, namely to receive career counselling,” municipality leaders said.


It was agreed that, in September already, career counsellors from the Psychologists’ Association and Novi Pazar Youth Office inform the students about everything that career counselling can offer and establish cooperation with school psychologists and pedagogues.


“We expect that, in the end of September or the beginning of October already, we include the students in both group and individual career counselling sessions. Also,  interested students will be offered to make competency assessment based on the methodology and tools developed within the “Education to Employment” project, such as Basic Check and Wayfi testing, or competency cards,” Zehra Hasanbegović, president of Novi Pazar Psychologists’’ Association, said.


She added that it is planned that these activities continue in Ćuprija in 2022, with special focus on students in  the final year of primary and secondary schools.


In the past several years, career counselling services were provided, within the “Education to Employment” programme, to several thousand young residents of Novi Pazar, Sjenica and Tutin.



Text and photo: Nikola Kočović / Edited by: Sandra Vlatković