E2E story – A chance for seven graphic operators

E2E story – A chance for seven graphic operators

Knjaževac: The “Education to Employment” programme found their new partner in Svrljig Municipality in whose territory a lot of small and successful companies have started to operate in the recent period. One of those companies is Plastcentar 18 where seven young people are attending training for the profession of a graphic operator.


“We are extremely happy that we have found the Timok Club which helped us select the candidates for WBL programme, to select them properly. It is not least important that the programme participate in financing the training. We are really satisfied.“


With these words we were welcomed by Tanja Pavlović Micić, Development Manager in Plastcentar. She added that this dispersed deeply-rooted misconception that young people do not like working.


„On the contrary, they are wonderful, nothing is too hard for them, they accept all the tasks they are given and learn quite quickly.“


In this company, which is involved in the production of plastic packaging, six young men and one young woman are trained to work at the position of a graphic operator. One of them is Darko Jovanović, a never-meant-to-be masseur.


„I was trying to get into the medical school in Niš, but I did not make it. Thus, I enrolled the Fashion and Beauty School to become a masseur. After I finished school I was searching for a job and then I was given this opportunity to come and try myself out in something that is completely new for me. I must say that I had a completely wrong idea about this profession. The company and people working in it are wonderful, we have state-of-the-art machine here, they are magnificent and I am absolutely excited about everything new that I am learning.“


Plastcenar 18 was founded in 2011, in Niš. Their main production programme is composed of the plastic packaging production. They are main suppliers for a large number of retail and wholesale facilities.


The Company was awarded a certificate for health safety and biodegradability because their plastic bags disintegrate a hundred times faster than ordinary plastic bags, without harmful residues, and final products do not harm the environment.


Text and photo: Ljiljana Pavlović / Edited by: Sandra Vlatković