E2E story – Getting practice for a job that is in demand and well-paid

E2E story – Getting practice for a job that is in demand and well-paid

Kruševac: The representatives of the “Education to Employment” project presented to the final-year students of the First Technical School in Kruševac – the departments for CNC operators, welders, and mechanic of cooling devices – the possibilities for on-the-job training implemented within that Project, and informed them about the possibilities of career guidance and counselling. 


“Our idea was to promote, among the students who have just finished secondary school, the possibility for them to acquire additional skills and knowledge, and primarily the practice relating to the profession for which they went to school,” Sanja Nikolić from the Kruševac Educational Centre said. She is in charge of WBL in the “Education to Employment” programme.


According to her, WBL has enabled those young people to discover whether they really want those professions to be the professions of their life. The trainees who like the job could stay and work because all companies which applied for training need new workers.



She mentioned that the opportunity offered by one of those companies is particularly interesting.


“Youth needs to be explained all the possibilities. One of the companies which implements the training offers them opportunity to work independently later; namely, to start their own business and use the company’s equipment, premises, and commercial associates – something like an incubator,” she explained.


Youth were distributed flyers with information about the services provided within the “Education to Employment” programme, that is the contact-data of the persons they may contact about the WBL as well as career counselling.


“Ever since the schools opened, our focus has been on the informative sessions. We strived to ensure that as many students as possible are informed about what we do because the time we could spend in school was short – the duration of lessons was half an hour,” representatives of the “Education to Employment” project explained.


Career guidance and counselling here is linked with competences and the inclusion of young people in the WBL, with the contact with the employers with whom they acquired practical knowledge about whatever they learnt in school.  


“At the same time, we drew their attention to career guidance and counselling considering that some of them will continue their education,” Tijana Stefanović from the Educational Centre said. She is also a career counsellor in the “Education to Employment” project.



Two of them confirmed that this is about specific professions which are in demand and well-paid, but which young people perceive as hard and demanding.


“Young people rarely decide on those professions because they believe that they are arduous. Also, the training lasts a long time and one needs to commit to it. We try to motivate the youth, to call them again and additionally explain everything they need to know,” Tijana Stefanović said.


Text and photo: Jelena Božović / Edited by: Sandra Vlatković