E2E Story – Irfan dreams of having his own restaurant

E2E Story – Irfan dreams of having his own restaurant

Novi Pazar: Since the beginning of November Irfan Kolašinac (33) has been attending training for assistant cook in Ras restaurant in Novi Pazar. The training is organised within the “Education to Employment” programme and during the training he will acquire valuable knowledge about how to prepare and present different delicacies.


After he completed theoretical training in the Catering/Tourist School – which is the school in which he got his formal education –  Irfan, together with further five trainees, now carefully follows the guidance provided by his mentor as well as helps out in the kitchen of this popular restaurant which is situated where medieval Ras city once was, not far from the Sopoćani Monastery.


“I have loved to cook ever since I was a little child. I enjoy to prepare food for my guests and I am doing it with due care and with much love. My formal education was also in catering, I am a waiter but, in this or that way,  I have been in the kitchen for 15 years already. I also worked abroad, but I decided to come back”, Irfan said for E2E.



He now has a family and six months ago his son was born. Because of his love for cooking, he applied for practical training in Ras. His wife takes care of the child, she is not employed – that is why this training and a future job means so much to him.


“I would like to improve my knowledge, I fitted in superbly, I am very outgoing, I am a team player. There are 17 of us in the kitchen, we all get along well, we are an excellent team. This job requires responsibility. One works a lot, every day I learn something new, we have 54 different meals on the menu, we must give our best on the job so that our customers would really enjoy their food“, he said.


Irfan believes that his earlier work experience and the knowledge he acquires during the three-month training in this restaurant will open many doors for him.


“Good cooks are always in demand; you never know what life will bring you. I love this job, I would like to stay and work here, but maybe one day I try and open a mini restaurant of my own”, Irfan reveals his plans.


The chef in the Ras kitchen, Irfan’s mentor Jovan Arsić said that Irfan and other trainees have fitted in really well, that they are learning industriously and working hard.



“They have proven themselves really well, they are following everything assiduosly, they are eager to learn. They are not preparing main meals yet, but they do work on the preparation of meat, vegetables, and they handle food. The training is still going on, they will have opportunity to learn a lot of things so that they are able to work independently one day”, Arsić underlined.


He also added that, even though his job is paid well, it is really hard to find a good worker for the kitchen, particularly a cook or cook assistant.


“Young people today avoid this job for some reason; they wish to go abroad or to work in an office. It is almost impossible to obtain good workers today. That is why this training is useful, for us to obtain the right workers, and to trainees to acquire the right knowledge which will surely be useful for them in their future job”, Jovan explained.


Within the “Education to Employment” programme which is financially supported by the Swiss Government, training courses for sewers, fitters of PVC doors and windows, and electric fitters have already started or will start in Novi Pazar, and training for personal escorts has already finished in Ivanjica.


Text and photo: Nikola Kočović / Edited by: Sandra Vlatković

E2E Story – Bojana’s journey to becoming a sewer and a designer

E2E Story – Bojana’s journey to becoming a sewer and a designer

Novi Pazar: In the beginning of November, five young people from Brvenik started, within the “Education to Employment” programme, training for sewers in Danijela Jakovljević’s sole proprietorship for garment production. This training will fnish by the end of current year.


They will acquire knowledge to be able to carry out basic operations on the machines which are used in the process of sewing the garments, such as joining together the cut parts, adding zip fasteners or belts, etc.


Twenty-four-years old Bojana Milošević who finished the High Economic School is one of the trainees.


“I failed to find a job in my profession, and I did have any other jobs. That is why I applied for this training, but I also applied because I am creative and because I am interested in designing and sewing clothes. My hobby is to make clothes from old garments I no longer wear. I like to recycle garments and I see myself as a sewer“, Bojana said for E2E.


She said that in these couple of weeks she had learnt some basic operations on the electronic machine and that she expects that before end of the training she will learn how to sew on other machines which are used in this company.



“I hope and expect to, after I complete the training, I will live up to the trust the owner and the mentor vested in me and that I will stay on to work here”, she said.


Her mentor Danijela Jakovljević emphasised that Bojana managed really well in the beginning of the training and that she is really good at planning the time she devotes to her job and her duties.


“She takes initiative in carrying out the tasks and has good communication with her co-workers and her mentor. Other trainees are also good, they all fitted in and are responsible, eager to work and diligent”, the mentor said.


Before the practical training, Bojana and other trainees underwent the theoretical training in which they got familiar with the machine parts, technological sewing process, and different materials which are used for making clothes.


“Now they are learning sewing in practice, on the electronic machine. After that, they will work on special sewing machines and automatic short seam sewing units”, Bojana’s mentor Danijela Jakovljević said.


Also organised this year in Novi Pazar and neighbouring area, within the “Education to Employment” programme which is financially supported by the Swiss Government, is training for assistant cooks and the plan is to also have training for electric fitters, while training for personal escorts has already finished in Ivanjica.



Text and photo: Nikola Kočović / Edited by: Sandra Vlatković

E2E Story – Youth Office is a dependable partner

E2E Story – Youth Office is a dependable partner

Kruševac: Within the first two calls for on-the-job training, the opportunity to acquire practical knowledge was offered in the companies in Kruševac and nearby area, while the third call, within which the training is still going on, covered also the businesses from the area of Trstenik municipality.


Two trainees – young women who trained for the profession of waiter/barman in Trstenik “Caffe Caffe“ were the first to undergo the on-the-job training. Now underway is the call for young people who would like to attend training for the makers of cable assemblies in “Amphenol“ factory.


The Trstenik Youth Office has, from the first day we contacted them and established cooperation with the Municipality of Trstenik, recognised the possibilities of the “Education to Employment“ programme and the benefits offered to young people and businesses in Kruševac“, Ilija Jovanović, programme director of the Educational Centre – the organisation which is implementing the “Education to Employment“ programme in the Rasina County, said.


According to what he said, the Youth Office helped in establishing contact with the companies which were interested to take part in the programme; it also published calls for taking part in on-the-job training and in the individual and group career guidance and counselling workshops.


“They help us find candidates for the ongoing call for on-the-job training in ’Amphenol’ company; they placed their resources and capacity on our disposal. Moreover, we have jointly worked in Trstenik schools; we implemented the individual and group career guidance and counselling programme in the Youth Office’s premises, for their users“, Jovanović said.


A career counsellor in the Educational Centre Tijana Stefanović expects that working together with the Youth Office will improve already successful cooperation with Trstenik schools.



“Bearing in mind that the Trstenik Youth Office plays an active role in the identification of candidates for WBL programme in the territory of this Municipality, our goal is to be proactive and ensure that our programmes attract young people who are either involved or will be involved in the activities of the Youth Office“, Stefanović said.


She stressed that it was thanks to the Youth Office that career guidance and counselling activities were partly implemented in “Ušće” private secondary school, for 22 students, and in “Vuk Karadžić” gymnasium, for 21 students. These were individual career guidance and counselling activities.


She said that in near future the Youth Office is expected to, with the help of the Educational Centre, implement real encounters for the youth covered by the programme as well as for all those who show interest, all in accordance with epidemiological measures. She mentioned as a positive example that now they hear from the students of Trstenik gymnasium who have previously used some of their career guidance and counselling services, mostly info sessions or workshops.


“This confirms the fact that it is very important that young people are informed about what is offered to them within the E2E project, but that it is also important that it is accessible to them, namely that different career guidance and counselling activities are implemented in schools, even though our field work is significantly affected by coronavirus pandemic, the same as last year“, career counsellor in the Educational Centre Tijana Stefanović concluded.


Text and photo: Jelena Božović / Edited by: Sandra Vlatković

E2E Story – Further 100 sewers trained by Adient

E2E Story – Further 100 sewers trained by Adient

Loznica: “Adient“ company in Loznica was the place in which, in the last cycle of the “Education to Employment“ (E2E) programme, 100 young persons have been training to become sewers of car seat covers. After the E2E training was completed, 92 trainees were offered a job in this company.


Two-month on-the-job training was concluded by awarding certificates to the trainees, after an assessment was made of the competences they acquired.



First contact with a sewing machine


“I have worked in a hairstyling salon for three years and then as a graphic designer in a company in Belgrade“, 27-year-old Ivana Stanić from Korenita said. She has graduated arts.




She said that she is very happy with the training she received in Adient and the support of her mentor.


“I have learnt a lot at the training because previously I have never had any contact with the machine or with sewing“, Ivana said honestly.


She believes that knowledge she acquired at university may be adjusted to suit the profession for which she underwent training in Adient and that this is the direction in which she will now make her career plans.


For 29-year-old Slaviša Đurđević from Loznica, the Education to Employment training finished in the best way possible since he got a contract for unlimited-term employment in Adient.



This training made a U-turn on Slaviša’s career path considering that he received formal education for economic technician and that he has been working as a security officer for two years.


He has heard about the Education to Employment training’s good reputation from a friend who is already employed in Adient.


“One aspect I can particularly emphasise in this training is the mentorship which helped me perform all my work duties“, Slaviša said.


He added that he had learnt a lot at the training, and he particularly stressed that knowledge about work ethics and discipline in the company meant a lot to him.


A machine technician Pero Jović (20) did not have any work experience before starting on the E2E training. He had heard about benefits of work-based learning (WBL) from his friends who had already underwent the training.


“At this training I learnt to work on the industrial-scale sewing machine. The training helped me improve myself, acquire new skills and, most importantly, get a job in a company in which I can further advance professionally“, Pero said.



Jobs for 212 trainees


“The company joined the E2E programme in order to target-employ workers who are up to 30 years of age, Marko Terzić from Loznica “Adient“ company’s HR sector said.


According to him, through the Education to Employment programme the total of  220 young workers have thus far been trained in Adient and, out of this number, 212 stayed on to work in this company.


“The advantage of the Education to Employment programme is that the trainees can, in addition to acquiring theoretical knowledge in our premises, expand their knowledge and skills in the on-the-job training with the support of a mentor“, Terzić underlined.


The training in Adient was implemented through the Kragujevac Business Innovation Programs (BIPS).


Lazar Đoković, a BIPS career counsellor, said that the trainees who attended training in Adient were young people with different formal educational background and that most of them did not have any previous knowledge of sewing. He said that this is the reason why the candidates, on the occasion of the selection for training, underwent a so-called admissions test at the sewing machine so as to assess their aptitude for working on the sewing machine and see whether they ‘feel’ the stitch.


“Trainees managed to improve their manual skills at the training, stay focused and thoroughly follow all the details of working at the machine“, Đoković said.


He emphasised that the fact of particular importance for young people was that the training enabled them to get a job in Adient and stay on and work in their town.


Text and photo: Gordana Mirović / Edited by: Sandra Vlatković

E2E Story – A call for training in Makaron moda

E2E Story – A call for training in Makaron moda

Pirot:  The Job Info Centre in Pirot made, within the “Education to Employment“ programme, a call for training for the profession of sewer in “Makaron moda“ u Pirot, for 30 young people.


All young people between 18 and 30 years of age may apply, or up to 35 years of age if they belong to a vulnerable population group.


A career counsellor in the Job Info Centre Marko Cenić said that training will be organised in such a way that mentors’ supervision will be provided.



 “Training for sewers will include 30 young people who will receive monetary allowance and the best of them will be offered employment opportunity. The role of the Job Info Centre is to collect applications, carry out primary selection of candidates and make the assessment of the candidates’ competencies which will then be forwarded to people in charge of selecting the candidates in the company as such. In cooperation between career counsellors and company staff in charge of selecting the candidates, the total of 30 trainees will be chosen”, Cenić said.


Cenić added that cooperation with this company started in the beginning of current year.


“At that time, we helped this company by collecting the applications for the job and forwarding them to the company. The duration of training for these 30 sewers will be 360 hours, or a little bit more than two months“, Cenić said.


Mira Zlatkov, who is Job Info Centre’s person in charge of the implementation of on-the-job training, also noted that this is not the first time that Job Info Centre works jointly with this company.



“When they started the production in Pirot, we provided them support with collecting the applications and with pre-selection of the candidates who showed interest to work in their company. Considering that they wanted to start the production process, in the beginning they selected workers who had work experience. Now, through this programme, we will also include young people who will prepare themselves for the job of sewer through work-based learning”, Zlatkov said.


She added that now they are receiving applications from candidates. They already have received a high number of applications from persons who would like to do this job.


“After this the selection will follow, and we expect the training to start before end of December”, Zlatkov said.


Text Zoran Panić / Photo Zoran Panić and Job Info Centre in Pirot/ Edited by: Sandra Vlatković.