E2E story – Mentors buoy you up, but also point out mistakes

E2E story – Mentors buoy you up, but also point out mistakes

Novi Pazar: Five girls have successfully completed a three-day training for mentors who will, in the next three months, supervise the development and assist in the training of 15 trainees from Novi Pazar, Tutin and Raška who will, within the “Education to Employment” programme, attend training for personal care assistants.

The training was organised by Novi Pazar Association of Psychologists, the programme partner for this part of Serbia, and future  mentors of the trainees are personal care assistants with several years of relevant experience.

One of them is Anđela Đurković who said in an interview for E2E that she will try to transfer to her trainees as much knowledge as possible, as well the skills necessary for this responsible job.

Primarily, my role will be to teach them how to do that job and I will try to, based on my experience, point out some mistakes they make but also to commend them when they do something well. I will be there to tell them about some situations they may face in the course of their work, to demonstrate to them what they need to do should such situations occur, but also to tell them how to behave in such tricky circumstances and how to come on top of them in the best way possible, should such circumstance come to be – Anđela, who has been a personal care assistant for years, said.

She will be in charge of three trainees, girls from Novi Pazar who will be working in primary schools and about whom we have heard only good things.

They are at the first training module only but they are doing very well. One can see that they really want to do this job and they are diligently taking all advice they are given – Anđela added.



Three mentors will be working with the trainees in Novi Pazar,  and one each will be working with the trainees in Raška and Tutin. The plan is that they stay them throughout the working hours in the beginning, and that later they gradually leave them alone so that they can work independently.

A three-month training for personal care will be attended by 15 young job seekers from these three cities, and they will have their practical training in the educational facilities, from nursery schools to secondary schools. Out of 15 of them, it is envisaged that seven come from socially marginalised groups.

That is why mentors went through different methods of teaching young people, with a special focus on the challenges faced by the youth from marginalised groups considering that the trainees will include the youth from foster families and the long-term unemployed. Mentors learnt about the specificities of working with such persons and how to help them to quickly adapt to the work environment – Marija Tiosavljević vice-president of the Association of Psychologists, said.

Since the analysis showed that at least 40 children with developmental disabilities are at the waiting list for a personal care assistant in Novi Pazar and that this profile is in deficit in the entire region, it was decided that on-the-job training be organised within the “Education to Employment” programme.


obuka na radnom mestu


On-the-job training

Besides the training for personal care assistant, young job seekers from Novi Pazar, Tutin and Raška will be able to attend training for waiters this year.

Within the first cycle, on-the-job training was organised in Novi Pazar for the total of 54 unemployed persons younger than 30, for the profiles of dairy technologist, upholsterer, and denim tailor. Quite a lot of them got employment after they have successfully finished the training.

Text and photo: Nikola Kočović / Edited by: Sandra Vlatković