E2E is active in five communities in Serbia where we test the optimal youth employment support system.  We use a similar Swiss system of youth employment support at local level as a reference and role model and we work with our local partners to adapt it to best fit Serbian needs.

In each of the five test communities we have a local partner organization. They are active in their communities, establishing an efficient system of labor market interventions to increase youth employability, and consequently speed up economic development.


Youth Office Krusevac

Contact: Vesna Živković

Web page

Youth Council in Krusevac

Contact: Marina Virijević
Web page


Business Inovation Programs

Contact: Marijana Simić

Web page

Busuiness Development Center 

Contact: Marija Stojadinović

Web page


ZIP Centar

Contact: Ana Petrović

Facebook page

Udruženje građana “Osveženje”

Contact: Miloš Colić

Facebook page

Novi Pazar

Kancelarija za mlade Novi Pazar

Contact: Džemaludin Paučinac

Web page


Centar za obuku i radno angažovanje

Contact: Bojan Radosavljević