Improved Youth Employment Policies in Serbia

To support youth employment and increase youth employability, E2E facilitates policy dialogue between key national stakeholders (ministries, state institutions like National Employment Service, educational institutions etc.)

Through this dialogue E2E contributes to the implementation of the Employment and Social Reform Program (ESRP) in Serbia.

E2E also tests different innovative models at the local level, and contributes towards an inclusive and sustainable position of youth on the labor market.

This part of our Program is managed by SIPRU team.


Modern Work-based Learning Opportunities for Youth

E2E also creates new employment opportunities for young people by creating opportunities for them to learn those job skills employers actually look for.

This is the second part of our E2E Program, where we promote training in companies, career counselling and other labor market measures to increase the chances of young people to land a job. These services are tested in five Serbian communities – Novi Pazar, Kruševac, Pirot, Kragujevac and Knjaževac – as E2E looks for the optimal solution for Serbia, the one that could be later replicated in throughout the country, in all communities.

These activities are based on a similar Swiss youth employment model which allows local communities to mobilize and proactively support their youth to find jobs they are satisfied with.

This part of our Program is managed by IP Consult.

E2E is a part of a wider program of employment and social policy reforms, focused on employment policies and increase of youth employability, supported by the Swiss Government through its Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).