Program Vision:

E2E wants to create decent job prospects and career paths for all young women and men in Serbia.

Program Mission:

E2E mission is to improve position of youth on the Serbian labor market through

1) modernization of youth employment policies;


2) the development of young skilled labor demanded by the private sector.

Program Relevance:

The Employment and Social Reform Programme (ESRP) is a key cross cutting policy document in Serbia`s EU accession process; it addresses the high youth unemployment and inactivity rates in Serbia. The E2E Program applies those ESRP measures that address labor supply and skills development of young people.

Program Duration:

E2E was launched in 2015, and we are expected to be active until the end of 2019.

Program Budget:

E2E has a total budget of EUR 13 million. The Swiss Government contributed with EUR 6.8 million, while Serbian Government contributed with additional EUR 6.2 million. Contributions from both sides are not only made in cash, but also in time, expertise and other ways and means of support; the majority of funds are allocated towards our Program activities (such as E2E Opportunity fund), while a smaller portion covers team salaries, operational costs, marketing etc.

E2E Steering Committee

E2E activities are directed and monitored by E2E Steering Committee which consists of the representatives from following institutions:

  • Swiss Development Cooperation (LINK)

  • The Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia (LINK)

  • The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia Zorana Mihajlović (LINK)

  • Office of Regulatory Reform and Regulatory Impact Assessment (LINK)

  • Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development (LINK)

  • Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs (LINK)

  • Ministry of Youth and Sports (LINK)

  • Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LINK)

  • National Employment Service (LINK)

  • Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (LINK)